Your eBook Download

Your eBook Download

You’re ready to roll!

Thank you so much for slapping hands and bumping fists with me by signing up for Grappler Gourmet Weekly. It means a lot to me to have your continued support and input. I am always pumped to see new faces and meet new people who love BJJ and Food. They really do go hand in hand…but remember no food on the mats.

What you can bring onto the mats with you though with your tablet or phone is your brand spankin’ new free eBook that I recently designed to thank you with.Featured Cover

Click here for Your Inner Campfire by Grappler Gourmet

(Click to open then right click and hit “Save As” to download straight to your computer.)

There will still be the Grappler Gourmet Cookbook out this year so polish up on how to eat and before you know it, Ill have a resource of what to eat in your hands!

Thanks again. If you have friends, family, training partners or a coworker who eats too many donuts and want them to get in shape, please share the sign up form and they will get this book too! And as the title says…

Eat Well, Train Hard. Oss.

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