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Week Off

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Sometimes you just need to take a rest day, today is that day.

Last week my fiance started a campaign to get me to Dream Jiu Jitsu’s Baddest Blue competition. And thanks to a lot of generous friends, training partners and parents I am blasting off to California this weekend to make a go of it. I am amazed at the support that the Jiu Jitsu community offers up and want to extend a huge THANK YOU…wait that is not huge enough…


to those who donated, those who have pushed me on the mats and ultimately to my loving fiance Moe. I will be immortalizing those who have helped me out on the site and a few will even make it into the long awaited book! But until then, I am signing off! Today is the last training day until I hit the mats on Sunday. I will be hitting the airport and trying to eat well because I always train hard. OSS!

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