Top 3 Articles | Jiu Jitsu Magazine

Top 3 Articles | Jiu Jitsu Magazine

To be the best you must work with the best

As many of you may or may not know I have had the pleasure of creating, in addition to for the site, some fun articles for the one and only Jiu Jitsu Mag. We may not be able to make it into the gym or onto the mats as often as we may like to but luckily there are other ways to keep up with our “training.” The BJJ lifestyle is labeled as such because it truly extends beyond the time we spend drilling, rolling and competing. Your jiu jitsu brain starts to creep into your everyday, you may find yourself at a lull in work and day dreaming about how a leg drag from open guard leads straight into a tibia break. But it should extend beyond only the techniques, there are many other major ways we can supplement our training, you know…like food…that is really the entire premise behind what I do! With that being said, Jiu Jitsu Magazine is truly one of the best resources out there for the BJJ lifestyle. This week I wanted to highlight some of the more recent articles that I had a blast writing and feel are beneficial to every day life and well being.

The Power of Purple.Power of Purple

This article stresses the importance of diversifying your food intake for overall health.

5 Must have snacks for every gear bag.Snack Time

Everyone misses a meal from time to time yet we never forget to bring a bag with us, kill two birds with one stone and make your gear bag your lifeline.

Whats the Beef?Beef

One of my favorite articles as a meat eater. You do BJJ and know all of the positions and submissions inside and out and yet a lot of us eat beef more than we train but might have no clue what a T-bone steak is. This guide will help you do just that or you can take the Tommy boy approach and take the butchers word for it.


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Your Inner Campfire The BookSM

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