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Guide | DIY Pickling

Guide | DIY Pickling

A guide to pickling, a break from BJJ videos is sometimes needed.


Some people say cucumbers taste better pickled. I say most all vegetables taste better pickled. Have you ever had a plain piece of seared salmon with some brown rice and a side of steamed broccoli for dinner? Of course you have, and probably way more often than you would like to admit. This guide is not to say to stop eating that but is to improve on that one word we all hate, “boring.” We all hit peaks and valleys when it comes to our training and the same goes for our taste buds. If we have the same meal the same way too often we get stagnant with it and are no longer enjoying eating, what is the point of living if we aren’t doing that? Well one great way that is easy, affordable and is general fun to do is to pickle your own vegetables. Adding them to some of your mainstay dishes for a nice change of pace that will really revive the meal and awaken your taste buds! Also they aren’t horrible for you either. Soon enough instead of salivating over seeing a dry aged rib eye at the butcher counter and thinking about it seared to a nice medium rare you will find yourself staring at the produce isle and being flooded with thoughts of what flavors you would use to pickle each and every vegetable. With this guide to pickling you will add as much technique to your cooking game as you have within your BJJ game!

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