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Guide | Bulk Roasting Vegetables

Guide | Bulk Roasting Vegetables

A how to guide to bulk roasting vegetables, work smarter, not harder.


When it comes to cooking dinner for myself after training the last thing I want is for it to take more than 20 minutes, hell after some training sessions even 5 minutes is too long.  In short after training I am very hungry and in turn impatient. But alas I know this about myself so I set myself up for success early in the week. I set out usually on Monday or Tuesday morning to stream line my dinners. It is Winter here in New York and for me that means bold, filling flavors and what better way to achieve that than with roasted vegetables!

What I do is I prepare my vegetables for the week in one day. I dedicate 20 minutes to an hour based on what I picked up at the store to roasting vegetables and portioning them for ease of use throughout the week. This way you do not need to fuss about having just boiled peas or steamed broccoli every night just because it is quick. With this how to guide you should be able to enjoy dinner and eating in general while getting the benefits that come from it. I look at dinner as a reward for all of the training I have done in that given day. 

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