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Protein Puppy Chow

Recipe | Protein Chex Cruci-Mix

Pack it on by snackin’ on the healthy reincarnation of “Puppy Chow,” the Protein Chex Cruci-Mix!

Snacking is a common issue found within all of our lives, so how do we beat it? Dealing with the urges to snack or graze throughout the day is like training with your instructor, you might think you have them beat, but in reality they are just waiting for you to slip up. So we must use our well-honed and creative Jiu Jitsu minds and think outside of the box on how to truly counter the urges of snacking. I am one of those annoying guys who is always attacking from inferior positions.  So by applying that mindset to the question of “How can I beat the urges of unhealthy snacking without eating boring foods that do not actually cure the hunger and in turn I end up eating an entire bag of almonds which is way too many.” I have concluded that Continue reading

featured supplements

Guide | 5 Must Have BJJ Supplements

Shake, rattle, then roll; The Grapple Gourmet’s guide to the best BJJ supplements.

If you drink what you should eat, then know what you drink. You often hear the protein shakers start going all at once the second class is over with. Is that the only time of the day to be using your shaker filled with mystery powders ranging from chocolate mint flavors to poison “bubblegum?” No. There is a vast world of supplements out on the market and that is because as we progress in science and technology, we create, and develop a finer tuned catalog of supplements for each purpose. Rather than just having “Protein Powder” we have blends, whey, casein, super pump up uber bulk hope cans with your bare hands powders. What I am saying is there are a million and one different products out there and without knowing which ones truly benefit our training, you are a sailor lost at sea. Well it is time to fire up the lighthouse and show you to the coast of the best supplements to take for BJJ, its pretty important, that’s for shore (see what I did there?) It is not all about getting pumped up anymore, but improving our performance, recovery and overall healthy. Continue reading


Guide | Cooking with Protein Powder

How to guide to cooking with protein powder because drinking it gets boring.


These days almost everyone’s using protein powders of some sort within their day, or they should be. They are affordable, easy to use, and super beneficial for our health and training. If you aren’t yet, stop right now, quit buying rash guards and gis and go buy some protein powder and a shaker. It’ll change your game much more than having a new gi. Now that you have your protein powder, first off let me welcome you to the club, welcome. I drink at least two different shakes a day, every day, I wont lie to you, it gets tiring and gross some days. Then I saw articles about a revolutionary way to still get my protein intake but not in liquid form. So just like with BJJ techniques, I would like to share with you what I know with this how to guide. It was a no brainer and right up my alley, cooking with protein powder.

Why to cook with protein powder? Continue reading