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Review | Banana

Review | Banana

A Review of Bananas, every monkey, err grappler’s favorite fruit.


Bananas, we’ve all had one. Whether you are a health nut or a slob, you cannot say you didn’t enjoy it either. I could credit it to an evolutionary viewpoint that we are all monkeys and what do monkeys love? Exactly. But this is not a article on creation or anything but more so a review on bananas. Bananas are packed full of nutritional benefits yet sometimes get mixed reviews. Are they worth eating? When is the best time to eat them? “I’m sick of eating just straight up bananas how can I switch it up?” Are these question you ask yourself? Of course they are and in this review they will be answered and I’ll even supply you with my favorite pre-training recipe that is so tasty and easy you’ll slap yourself for never trying it before.

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