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Brown Rice Quinoa

Recipe | Bulking with Grains

When bulking up for gains it helps to bulk up your grains.

None of us eat as much as we should or as often as we would like. Why is that? Because sometimes we are just down right tired after working, commuting and training. The last thing we want to think about is having to make a meal that will take over 10 minutes. So to build off an upcoming article I wrote for Jiu Jitsu Magazine, I cannot stress the importance of bulk cooking for the week enough. Rice is a food that everyone has sitting around their kitchen that takes around 45 minutes to make and should be added to any and all bulk cooking regiment. But why be so boring? Don’t you want to maximize your protein intake with every meal while also making your rice more creamy and flavorful? That is why adding quinoa is a no brainer. This article will Continue reading

You have to go home and cook dinner? HA Im going to stay and drill an extra hour...see you on the mats.

Guide | 5 Tips for Weekly Cooking

Want to cook in bulk so you always have a fridge full of ready to eat meals without all of the headache? Then strap in, here are my top 5 tips for Cooking for the Week .


Wouldn’t it be nice to always come home to a fridge full of different proteins, vegetables and starches that are all ready to eat within minutes? I sure as hell enjoy coming home to it after a rough class on the mats. The last thing I want to think of after work and training is “what do I have to cook tonight for dinner.” That’s right I said thinking so imagine how much less I want to actually do the doing. (Not doing the dew, I am not a neon-green-syrupy-beverage-chugging-extreme-sports-junkie) Because of this I always try and implement the practice of devoting Sunday to “bulk day.” This is when I go and get groceries, come right home, unbag them and start to slave over the hot stove. In all it I tend to make enough food for the week so come meal time I just have a minor reheat or 10 minutes of cooking to do and boom, a full dinner is served.  Doesn’t that sound nice? Well let me tell you a secret Continue reading

This is what we look like on the mat after a long class in the summer time.

Guide | DIY Dried Fruits

A how-to guide to making your own dried fruit, its different than hang drying your gi.


This time of year, unless you are in the lucky states that only have two seasons, marks the start of delicious fruit, berry and vegetable seasons. With these seasons upon us we must be prepared to really capitalize on getting the most out of it. I don’t mean just in the moment either, think of setting up submissions, do you really expect the first one you try will work? No, you use it to set up the next move, worse case scenario, you get the benefits right away but I like to always be thinking 10 steps ahead. Thus getting ready for all these fresh produce, I am planning on enjoying them year round by making my own dried fruits, berries and vegetables. You can also join me for the ride with this how to guide on dried fruit.

Why make your own dried fruit?

The art of drying fruit is a fantastic practice that has been around for longer than most of the things around you currently besides water and air. Continue reading