BJJ Carnival

Event | BJJ Traveling Carnival!

Come one, come all! Feast your eyes (and stomachs) upon the most exciting BJJ event this side of the world!

That is right, Groundswell Grappling Concepts & Q5 Sports Nutrition are taking the show on the road starting this September 12th in the great state of Maine. During the carnival there will be a freak show, not as good as boogeyman puts on, that will be me serving up lunch and giving a cooking demo based around a lot of the concepts found here on this site to help improve how one lives the BJJ lifestyle off the mats and in the kitchen. You do not want to miss out on this event, trust me, it is going to be killer. For all of the details and to score your spot Continue reading

Meerkatsu Presents grappler gourmet

TBT | Meerkatu’s Food Week

A year ago today this happened, one of the most exciting events in Gg history; I would like to say THANK YOU to Seymour and everyone else who showed their support in this event!

This past weekend concluded the awesome week long Food collaboration with Meerkatsu. The positive responses were staggering and has really made it all feel worth the while. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is more than just a sport, it really is a community and a lifestyle. Meerkatsu and myself have really embraced that theory and try and bring more than just on-the-mat techniques to the community. Why? Because if you do BJJ you know that it is more than just a hobby or a short term fix, it is a long term commitment and a way of life. To maintain you need to properly prepare yourself mentally and physically on a daily basis and what better way to do so than Continue reading


Guide | The Perfect Way to Wrap

A “how to” guide to making the perfect wrap or burrito. Let’s roll, literally.


It is 2014 and it seems every damn restaurant, deli, coffee shop or lemonade stand offers wraps of some sort these days. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with this but what there is something wrong with, is poorly constructed wraps. What a nightmare it is to be given what appears to be a nice and perfectly wrapped burrito or chipotle-chicken wrap just to find out it is a ticking time bomb set to go off the second you take your first bite. Horrible right? Well, who are you to judge? Are your wrapping skills up to par? And note I said wrapping not rapping, there are no correlations unless you are a rap artist who is deeply passionate about the state of wraps. But before we can judge someone else’s wrapping ability we must gaze into the mirror and see our own reflection and say “hey bucko, can you do it better?” With this guide to making the perfect wrap, you sure as shit will be able to, and will be supplied with some recipes to test your new skills with. So as the title says, let’s roll. Continue reading

Use this featured

Review | Spinach

A review of spinach. Be strong to the finish, ’cause you eats your spinach…   


Let’s talk about the most nutrient-rich, low in calorie and down right delicious food out there, that should be part of your daily diet… spinach. Whether it is in the form of a salad, blended into your smoothies or in powder form shaken into your protein powder, you will reap the benefits. Popeye really fucked up and gave me a lot of work to do by claiming that eating canned spinach will make you big and strong like Andre Galvao. But in reality, he was eating some of the most disgusting and least nutritious form of spinach and achieving gains on instant HGH levels. Too bad that those are not the benefits associated with spinach. I am here to talk about good old fashion spinach that is bought fresh, prepared perfectly and eaten properly, for all of the right reasons. Those reasons are essentially endless because spinach is one of the best foods on the planet. In this review you will find out why it is so good for us grapplers (hell and anyone for that matter), how to select the right spinach and then a solid recipe that will change the way you eat. It’s time to eat some spinach. Ba-nana-na-na-nanaaa ba-nana-na-na-naaaaa Continue reading

Almond Featured

Review | Almonds

A Review of Almonds.
It is time to go nuts, pun intended.


“Go Nuts” is a good term for this little energy packed, heart-submission defending, weight-regulating nut. Almonds are everywhere, or at least they should be everywhere within your house or apartment. Not in the sense that you struggled to open a bag of them and because you have been doing so much strength and conditioning your rage tore the bag too fast and they went flying in a wonderful storm of “shit, there goes my lunch.” Almonds are packed full of healthy benefits for our training and our lives in general. Did I really just state there’s more to life than only our training?! Justify reading this review of almonds by knowing that everyone that does not have a tree nut allergy should be consuming almonds, whether you train BJJ multiple times a day, or you have no clue what BJJ is and think I am making lewd innuendos incorrectly. Within this review you will find a million dolla prize

Chef tools

Guide | 5 Must Have Tools

We all have 5 go-to submission or passes, but do you have these 5 essential tools of the trade in your kitchen?


Whether it is at the gym, in the office or in the kitchen there are essential tools of the trade that will make your life easier. Granted they do not overlap…a good knife is not essential for a day in the cubicle (unless you are pulling an Office Space and cleaning some fish you just caught on your desk.) There are a million and one gadgets out there for the kitchen, but are they all needed? Absolutely not. They can be fun to toy around with like the Donkey Guard, but 10 out of 10 times the same result can be achieved with a very basic and fundamental technique or in the metaphor, tool. If you have been following Grappler Gourmet (you are awesome and I cannot thank you enough) here and/or within my Jiu Jitsu Mag articles then you like food and more so are open to learning how to make it. Well now that you have gotten your first stripe here in Grappler Gourmet’s Kitchen Academy it is time to learn about the tools of the trade. I never leave home Continue reading


Review | Granola

A review of Granola, getting to know granola up close and personal but not like “in someones mounted triangle up close and personal.”


Granola is a staple for all “heath conscious” individuals or just for the majority of us because it is easy and usually pretty damn tasty. Because granola has hung out with the fit kids for so long due to guilt by association is has gotten the rap that if it is granola, it is healthy. Not necessarily true. I personally eat granola a few times a week. I love Chocolate Banana Nut Granola. How healthy does that sound? It’s actually not that bad, but I am not eating just granola by the cup load, nor should you. I have maybe 1/4 – ½ cup at most on my yogurt in the morning and that is it. Reason being granola is a great way to jump start your metabolism but Continue reading


Guide | Grilled Potatoes

How-to guide for easy grilled potatoes, with it being grill season wrap your potatoes up in tin foil gi and let them feel the heat!


With the 4th of July right around the corner, one thing is obvious and exciting for all of us. That thing would be AAMUURRICA! I mean that would be that it is grill season! How can you not be pumped for that? You get to hang out outside, eat copious amounts of meat and start a fire without getting arrested. If that does not get your blood flowing like when you step onto the mat for the first match of a competition I dont know what will and you are lost, or have some really bad circulation….go get that checked out. With grilling it is not all about meat,  but meat is the centerpiece. That being said you are usually more concerned with cooking the showpiece of your grilled menu to perfection and do not want to hassle around with trying to wrangle vegetables rolling around on the grill and making sure you arent burning the potatoes. With this guide I am here to teach you Continue reading


Review | Banana

A Review of Bananas, every monkey, err grappler’s favorite fruit.


Bananas, we’ve all had one. Whether you are a health nut or a slob, you cannot say you didn’t enjoy it either. I could credit it to an evolutionary viewpoint that we are all monkeys and what do monkeys love? Exactly. But this is not a article on creation or anything but more so a review on bananas. Bananas are packed full of nutritional benefits yet sometimes get mixed reviews. Are they worth eating? When is the best time to eat them? “I’m sick of eating just straight up bananas how can I switch it up?” Are these question you ask yourself? Of course they are and in this review they will be answered and I’ll even supply you with my favorite pre-training recipe that is so tasty and easy you’ll slap yourself for never trying it before. Continue reading

awesome picture

Guide | Grilled Rice

A how to guide to grilled rice, reinventing your grill guard with a classic Japanese technique!


It is the best time of year right now because, for starters it’s not winter. The second most important reason is because it is grill weather! It doesn’t get much more exciting than getting to channel your inner primitive instincts to make a fire and then cook everything on it. When you and all of the other goons at the gym get together and think about firing up the grill of course the first question that comes to mind is “What type of meat do we want?” Now pause right there and channel your inner jiujiteiro and use your creativity to change up the game. We are going to take a look at something besides meat and vegetables for the grill, rice. This is a guide to grilled rice, not only is it a delicious and simple addition to all of your weekend cook outs but Continue reading