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Guide | Positive Effects of Competition Preparation

How you are winning gold in life before you even step foot on the mat come competition day.

There are a few different types of people found in every gym, you have the die hard competition guys/gals, the people who would compete but always find a reason not to, the ones who love the art but have no interest in competitions and finally those who are there only because it is a fun and different exercise. Yes those people exist.  But ultimately I feel that everyone should try a competition at least once in their Jiu Jitsu careers because of the benefits that come from the preparation involved. Notice how I did not say the medals, the matches or any of that? That is because after many competition prep seasons I have learned that you earn the most out of the time leading up to the competition and not only from a Jiu Jitsu stand point, but overall lifestyle.  Here are the most important lessons Continue reading

Featured Soreness

Battling Post-Competition Soreness with Food

Win your match against soreness via this Food Triangle from Diet La Reliefa.

My word play is almost as painful as the soreness in the days following a hard week of training topped off with a brutal competition. I am currently experiencing this pain myself. The trouble is, not only does it suck to have your forearms shot in daily life, it sucks because there is nothing you want to do more after competing than to get back on the mats and work on your mistakes. It can be very frustrating to be on the mats, sore as shit and now you are faced with feeling worse about your performance because you cannot give it your all to fix the errors. But instead of sitting there and complaining there is a simple and delicious way to fight off the weak grips, stiff neck and tin-man like flexibility. Notice how I said delicious? That should be a clear sign that I am not talking about just taking a fist full of ibuprofen or NSAID. But rather embracing the natural pain killers and recovery elixirs Mother Nature has created for us in this list of foods. Battling Post-Competition Soreness with Food is a great way to get back in the saddle and ride your way to recovery, repair and pain relief. Let’s S-roll through this article, my grips are shot but my brain is not. Continue reading