Special Edition | Recipe

Special Edition | Recipe

What’s for dinner is clear, it’s the chili from Inverted Gear.

Nelson Puentes of Inverted Gear (@InvertedGear) and I are always chatting about food, BJJ, food, magic the gathering, and sometimes food.In our many chats along with his awesome interview he refers to his coveted chili recipe. You cannot blame the guy, it is a masterpiece! And you wont find it on BJJHQ.com.

I love chili, my recipe has evolved over the years. Chili was probably first recipe I ever followed. I cook it with different meats Grass fed beef, bison, venison, turkey. -Nelson “Big Panda” Puentes

I have since been pestering Nelson to share with me and more importantly, you all, his recipe. Guess what party people? We got lucky and now are the proud new owners of one of the best chili recipes I have ever had.

Drop down and get your panda on!
Drop down and get your panda on!

This recipe must be prepared while in an Inverted Gear Gi.

Rules are rules.
Nelson has tweaked this recipe over the years and has nailed down the greater flavor profile and ideal cooking method. You can really swap out the type of meat you want in here along with upping the spice mix levels for a spicier chili. But that is up to you really, who knows you might be a spice wuss and cut the mix down to 1 Tbsp, I’m not here to judge you. Do you want to make the recipe even easier and try it in a slow cooker? Make sure to swing over to the Inverted Gear Blog and check out the 5 Golden Rules of Slow Cookers article. I hear the guy that wrote it is pretty cool.Big Panda's Power Chili copy

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