Review | Spaghetti Squash

Review | Spaghetti Squash

(Spaghetti) Squash your diet with this super healthy gourd, then your opponents with your superior nutrition.


We are about to hit the thick of winter now that it is December. In the middle of the holidays and with a lack of competitions going on, we may find ourselves starting to resemble a squash. Unless you are a rooster weight and have the luxury of a great metabolism where you can eat anything and somehow still cut weight. I hate you. I don’t really but I do have to watch what I eat surrounding the Holidays. Because during them I eat like a boss, so should you. One thing that is great though is what foods are available this time of year, especially squashes and cabbages! I love butternut squash but the applications are a touch limited. But have you heard of spaghetti squash? No this is not where pasta comes from but it is where your new favorite food comes from. In this weeks review of Spaghetti squash you will learn how to prepare this fantastic, versatile, low carbohydrate, low sugar and high in taste food. Oh and of course at the end you will find my favorite recipe for it that is stupid simple so that even the boneheads at your gym can make it. Let’s get shredded by shredding some spaghetti squash!

I did this using electric chair by Eddie Bravo
I did this using electric chair by Eddie Bravo

General Information

Are you ready to get squashed with knowledge? Don’t worry though, unlike those Ultra-heavy weights, you will feel better when you find yourself grappling with a spaghetti squash. Not all squashes are considered equal in this world. I know it is unfair, but hey we are fighting to get them equal opportunities and fair working wages. Spaghetti squash are one of the best squashes out there, lean, mean and fucking delicious. Spaghetti squash is not made of pasta dough, but is part of the winter squash family and gets its name from the appearance of it once cooked. I bet you cannot guess what it looks like…

If you think that this is where pasta comes from I am sure you still think storks bring babies right?
If you think that this is where pasta comes from I am sure you still think storks bring babies right?


Winter squashes are packed full of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, carotene and flavor. Spaghetti squashes are unique in the sense that they are extremely low on the calorie count, low in carbohydrates, low on the glycemic-index and we all know what that means and great for weight management. Imagine getting to eat a tasty meal that resembles pasta, or baked casseroles that will leave you feeling full, very satisfied in the taste department AND actually promotes weight loss. That’s right, you heard me, you can eat  “pasta” while cutting weight. Boom, mind blown.

Cutting weight anybody?
Cutting weight anybody?

Best Time to Eat

Time of Day:Any mealtime is really ideal for spaghetti squash. I personally opt for lunch or dinner because that is when I am the most hungry and am in need of refueling. Spaghetti squash can curb cravings by making you feel full without feeling gross. Also its great for you so, hell, fill up on it.

Time of Year: Well since spaghetti squash is a “winter squash” you can probably put two and two together and realize that fall/winter is equal to four. You want to hit the peak season for squash and get as much as you can in while they are around. They will last for a couple weeks stored in a cool, dry place.


  • Delicious, nutritious and affordable
  • Super low in calories per portion
  • Little to no fat
  • 10 grams of carbohydrates per cup, 4 of which are dietary fiber, to help you stay regular bruh!
  • Vitamin C found in spaghetti squash helps promote protein synthesis
  • B-6 Vitamins aid in the way our bodies metabolize energy
  • Want to help muscle development? Potassium
  • Low on the glycemic-index means that spaghetti squash will help regulate blood sugar levels. So it’s even good for non-athletes and aging athletes.

How to Get Your Hands on Some

A lot of you have probably not heard of spaghetti squash but I am sure you have walked passed it for years at the grocery store without giving it even a passing glance. They are large yellow gourds that look like rugby balls. Well get your team ready for the scrum and get your hands on this tasty rugby ball. But since you have never really given the squash a chance, here are a few keys to selecting the perfect squash and preparing it.

Picking perfect pumpkins packs perfect performance
Picking perfect pumpkins packs perfect performance


We all do the same thing when we enter a new gym, and we should when we are looking at produce, look for the color. A perfect spaghetti squash should be a fully dull yellow. They start as green and once they are ripe, they are fully yellow. Pick a squash that has full yellow, a little paleness is fine.

Weight Class:

A squash is not packed full of corded muscle from rolling day in and day out, so it should not be deceivingly heavy. If the squash seems heavier than expected, put it back. This means it has too much moisture and is prone to spoiling or is already on its way.

Pasta Prima AWESOME
Pasta Prima AWESOME

Setting Up the Submission:

Now that you are the proud new owner of a perfect spaghetti squash it is time to set up your favorite submission on it. And by submission I mean recipe. All spaghetti squash needs to be cooked before you can add it into your recipe. Here is how you need to set up your moves, step-by-step. Also you can be jealous of my Zebra Mat cutting board, envy is ok.

Squash Pass copy

The Perfect Finish:

Now that we did all that work it is time to tap out our hunger with a killer recipe:

Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai copy

Alternative Submissions: As BJJ practitioners we know that you can never bank on one submission. Don’t be a one trick pony, have options. You never know when your first attempts will be countered and don’t want to be left dead in the water, so here are a few other ideas to chew on.

Stack these as high as your pile of IBJJF medals
Stack these as high as your pile of IBJJF medals
  • Spaghetti squash with basic pasta sauce, or as a replacement for pasta in general.
  • Middle-Eastern spiced Spaghetti squash
  • Spaghetti squash and meatballs
  • Spaghetti squash “loaded taco” casserole
  • Buffalo chicken and spaghetti squash casserole
  • Spaghetti squash and bacon gratin

Food pairings: Butter, bacon, brown butter, pesto, nutmeg, parmesan, pasta sauce, tomato, garlic, chicken, shellfish, buffalo sauce.


Just a black belt in disguise, just like spaghetti squash is pasta in disguise.
Just a black belt in disguise, just like spaghetti squash is pasta in disguise.

Spaghetti squash is a super versatile ingredient that should be worked into anyone’s diet, whether you are training 6 days a week and trying to fuel the machine, are trying to shred down for a competition or just want to live a little healthier by not eating tons of pasta weekly. I am sorry to all of the Italians out there. You will get plenty of nutrients from spaghetti squash that benefit your training, performance and general well being. Though not every store has them and they are seasonal, they have been taken down a few pegs and are just not ready to be a black belt yet, but trust me when I say they are damn close and you should try and get a roll with them at least once a week, you will gain something from it.

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