Review | Almonds

Review | Almonds

A Review of Almonds.
It is time to go nuts, pun intended.


“Go Nuts” is a good term for this little energy packed, heart-submission defending, weight-regulating nut. Almonds are everywhere, or at least they should be everywhere within your house or apartment. Not in the sense that you struggled to open a bag of them and because you have been doing so much strength and conditioning your rage tore the bag too fast and they went flying in a wonderful storm of “shit, there goes my lunch.” Almonds are packed full of healthy benefits for our training and our lives in general. Did I really just state there’s more to life than only our training?! Justify reading this review of almonds by knowing that everyone that does not have a tree nut allergy should be consuming almonds, whether you train BJJ multiple times a day, or you have no clue what BJJ is and think I am making lewd innuendos incorrectly. Within this review you will find out the health benefits of almonds, a small history lesson, corny jokes, ways to use almonds throughout your day and finally, you guessed it, a badass printable recipe card.

General Information

Did you know that eating almonds will give you super human strength that will make even The Rock cower? That is because that is not true, but what is true is Dwayne Johnson will be playing Hercules, who would have eaten a shit-ton of almonds. Not just because his dad, you might have heard of him, Zeus told him it was the cool thing to do but because almonds were known as “Greek Nuts” by the Romans and that is where we first associate the cultivation of them.

"Yo bro, I said slow roll."
“Yo bro, I said slow roll.”

Almonds are now grown in where, for what many of us consider a modern day Coliseum of Jiu Jitsu, the State of California. Almonds are the seeds found within the fruit grown on a tree that is related to peaches and cherries. What we find in the grocery stores are actually the little heart of a plant. Maybe that is why they are so heart healthy for us? We are reaping what we sow.  But back to business, almonds are grown with two different varieties, bitter and sweet. Bitter almonds are used primarily for almond oils and for flavorings; sweet almonds are what are commonly consumed because the texture and taste are much better.Nutritional Label for Almonds

When to eat almonds

Time of year: Unless you are the proud owner of an almond tree and really like to work for your food it will not matter when you eat almonds. They are readily available all year round. Just make sure that you store them properly in a cool and dry place so you can eat them all year round. You cannot eat what has gone rancid. If you do own an almond tree the best time of year would be in mid-summer. But again, this is probably not the case for most of us.

If only we could break down the Worm Guard into such an easy to understand diagram.
If only we could break down the Worm Guard into such an easy to understand diagram.

Time of day: We should be consuming almonds minimally 4-5 times a week, in any form. It is actually best to have almonds in addition to highly glycemic foods to help regulate our blood sugar. Eating two-three ounces of almonds with a food ranking high glycemic index will reduce the GI by half of what it would be if consumed without almonds. Long story short, any time of the day is good. Need a good energy boost before training? Grab some almonds.

What do I get out of Almonds?

In today’s society nothing is free and there has to be a reason or a reward behind every action. Damn we are greedy. Luckily almonds showed up to the party prepared in full. Almonds may be “high in fat” but they are high in monounsaturated fats. You know, the kind found in olive oil, which are good for us, really good for us. Are you cutting weight? Boom, almonds are also low in calories, and promote weight loss. Give me the facts you say?

Got nuts?
Got nuts?


  • Almonds contain riboflavin and L-carnitine; two nutrients that help improve brain development and function. Don’t you want to have a big ole brain that can remember all of the new positions Keenan Cornelius comes up with?
  • Monounsaturated fats, protein and potassium reduce the risk of heart attacks and heart disease. When people think of fats, they think of clogged arteries, that is not the case with the fat from almonds, it actually helps reduce that, cheeseburgers are what cause that.
  • Almond skins contain high levels of Vitamin E, which will help repair damage done to our arteries.
  • Antioxidant central.
  • Lowers and helps regulate LDL aka bad, cholesterol along with regulating blood pressure and sugar levels.
  • Almonds are a great metabolism booster that will help kick start your day and metabolism while satisfying your hunger but not bogging you down.
  • Increased bone strength and immune system. I always say, the less time we spend sick, the more time we can spend on the mats.

How can I get some?

You do not need to sign up for some secret society or call out of work and sit by the computer to get the small batch production of almonds like you do with Shoyoroll. Almonds come in many different forms and are very easily obtained.

Almond milk comes from where?!
Almond milk comes from where?!

Almond Products: Whole, roasted/flavored, granola bars, almond butter and even almond milk!

Flavor Pairings: Apples, beans, caramel, cherry, chocolate, coconut, feta, peas, plums, prunes, raisins, rice and strawberries.

Ways to Enjoy

  • Use almond milk in your smoothies or shakes.
  • Almond butter on celery for a pick-me-up.
  • Add shaved almonds to your rice, sautéed vegetables or salads.
  • Always have a little secret stash of almonds on your persons.
  • Add ground almonds to thicken soups and sauces.


Drop down and get your Quinoa on.
Drop down and get your Quinoa on.


Almonds have been going nuts back when Hercules was still in diapers, let alone Helio. Black belt minimally.
Almonds have been going nuts back when Hercules was still in diapers, let alone Helio. Black belt minimally.

 Almonds are hands down, one of the best foods we can have on hand. They are light weight but pack a punch, cheap but yet enrich our lives and will submit your hunger faster than a black belt who had a white belt almost catch them in an armbar because they weren’t paying attention. If you are looking to add some new threads to your collection head over to Inverted Gear and use grapplergourmet for 10% off. Already have all the tools you need and want to stay on the top, or one might say to Stay Alpha? Then you need to check out Q5 Combat and use GOURMET10 for 10% off. Like those type of deals and these type of posts? Sign up for the Grappler Gourmet Weekly newsletter for FREE below! Eat well, train hard. Oss

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