Recipe | Kickass Kaleslaw

Recipe | Kickass Kaleslaw

Screw killing two birds with one stone, one bowl of Kaleslaw will take down a whole army of birds.

This week I am offering up one multipurpose and ultra nutritious recipe. This kickass kaleslaw is packed with almonds, cashews, hemp seeds, kale, red cabbage AND flavor. We know by now that the best foods are the ones that we can make in advance, that are easy, and that give us the most bang for our buck nutritionally for our training. Well…you’ve read about kale and red cabbage somewhere right? I sure hope so because if you have not, you have been missing out. It is time to change that, this kaleslaw 10th planets the shit out of your typical coleslaw. Replacing all of those fatty and gross ingredients of your typical coleslaw with high end superfoods for one stop shopping. Kick some ass at meal time with our Kaleslaw.

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Well grapplers, it is up to you how you choose to live, eat and perform. These recipes are created to help improve our way of life through good food and optimal nutrition so we have a balance of performing at our best all the while still enjoying the luxuries of life…you know…good tasting food. With that I will state as always our motto, Eat well, train hard. OSS

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