Recipe | Bulking with Grains

Recipe | Bulking with Grains

When bulking up for gains it helps to bulk up your grains.

None of us eat as much as we should or as often as we would like. Why is that? Because sometimes we are just down right tired after working, commuting and training. The last thing we want to think about is having to make a meal that will take over 10 minutes. So to build off an upcoming article I wrote for Jiu Jitsu Magazine, I cannot stress the importance of bulk cooking for the week enough. Rice is a food that everyone has sitting around their kitchen that takes around 45 minutes to make and should be added to any and all bulk cooking regiment. But why be so boring? Don’t you want to maximize your protein intake with every meal while also making your rice more creamy and flavorful? That is why adding quinoa is a no brainer. This article will explain some of the benefits of adding quinoa to your bulk rice and a few tips and tricks along the way to bring your one step closer to getting your next stripe on your culinary belt.


When cooking in bulk for the week it is a good idea to have a grain source that is cheap, easy to reheat and neutral in flavor. That way you can use it for literally every dish and with a few dashes of seasoning here and there it completely changes. Just like jiu jitsu, if you add a little detail to a move, it becomes something entirely “different” even though it is the same. Like an arm bar, brown rice is probably the most commonly used. Some of the more adventurous types out there have switched to strictly quinoa for its nutritional benefits. Well how about a combo of the two so we get the best of both worlds.

RecipeBrown Rice Quinoa Recipe

Tips & Tricks:

Quinoa and brown rice have different cooking times but luckily require the same ratio of water per cup. Some of you are probably thinking, brown rice takes 45 minutes to cook, quinoa takes 15 minutes tops. What happens if I put my quinoa in at different times?

  • Early Bird: Adding the quinoa in at the same times as your brown rice will break down the quinoa enough that it will maintain flavor and nutritional benefits but structurally because soft and end up acting as a binder for the rice, resulting in creamier rice.
  • Late Start: Cook your rice for 30 minutes alone and add in the right amount of quinoa for the last 15 minutes of cooking to maintain the texture of your quinoa.
  • Flavor Details: When cooking in bulk as I have mentioned before it is best to cook as boring as possible, flavor-wise because you can always add in ingredients later to change the taste but it is impossible to take them out.


Using a rice cooker or traditional pot with a lid you can be a super star and make your own weekly life easier by bulking up on your cooking so you just have to scoop and reheat throughout the week. By adding a boost of benefits and added protein to your rice you are ensuring that you will be running like a well oiled machine at the gym and will be looking like Buchecha in no time! (no promises on that, he is a genetic freak of nature.) But if you are looking to gain some mass hit up Q5 Sports Nutrition and score 10% OFF your order by using GOURMET10 at check out! Already getting jacked from eating correctly? Looks like you need a new Inverted Gear Gi and luckily you can get it at 10% OFF using grapplergourmet. And I know you will be carrying said gi in your new Datsusara bag you got using gg-5 right? Of course you will, just like you will be signing up below for Grappler Gourmet Weekly if you have not already! Remember everyone eat well, train hard! OSS
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