Product Review | Purps Part II

Product Review | Purps Part II

Purps Hydro & Vita Powder, a product for every PURPose.

This is a continuation of last weeks post introducing you to Purps along with a review of two of their four products. This week I am hitting the remaining two products so you will be a well rounded Purps belt. If work was hectic, you competed over the weekend or you’ve been hit in the head too many times and do not remember the bulk of the information from last week lets go through a refresher course.

Who’s behind Purps?

If life were a can and skills & knowledge were vitamins and minerals, this would be a picture of Purps Fuel.
If life were a can and skills & knowledge were vitamins and minerals, this would be a picture of Purps Fuel.

A relatively new company created by multiple time World-Champion Pro Surfer and Jiu Jitsu enthusiast, Kelly Slater. Kelly set out with a few friends, Dr Chris Shaumburg, the food scientist and Pat Tenore, the brand guru, to create a revolutionary purple super food based product line. Their focus is to use a unique blend of 6 purple foods (mangosteen, maqui berry, acai berry, grape, blueberry, blackberry,) three exotic and three domestic products. The ingredients are then used to create 4 different blends to fit within the mainstream of multi-vitamin shot, multi-vitamin powder for travel, energy supplement and hydration drink.

What’s in Purps?

Purps uses what they call the “Purple Life Formula” in all of their products. Each product has a slightly different blend of the 6 berries that have been fine tuned to fit the needs of the product. I am going to do what Purps does with their ingredients and go straight to the source:Purps Berries


The Purps Proprietary Organic Purple Life Formula is harvested from this earth, non-GMO and formulated with a purpose using six purple superfruits from around the world. The blend of whole organic mangosteen, maqui berry, açaí berry, blueberry, grape and blackberry is a rich source of phytonutrients, including a variety of polyphenols.

Why do Purps products contain an insoluble fraction?


Insoluble [in-sol-yuh-buh l] adjective 1. incapable of being dissolved

Fraction [frak-shuh n] noun 1. a part as distinct from the whole of anything; portion or section

The insoluble fraction is part of the Purps Proprietary Organic Purple Life Formula from this earth. The Purps superfruits contain the insoluble phytonutrient-packed skin or rind. Since the skin or rind can’t dissolve in water, the insoluble fraction spends most of its time hanging-out at the bottom of the bottle or can. Before you open up your Purps, always shake well and don’t leave any of the good stuff behind.

The Products

Choose your weapon warrior.
Choose your weapon warrior.

Purps Hydro:

One Box to Rule them all...and 6 berries to guide them.
One Box to Rule them all…and 6 berries to guide them.

This product is designed with hydration in mind. The Organic Purple Life Formula is blended specifically to give you the right amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, electrolytes and proper carbohydrates to maximize your hydration. Let’s face it, we are all dehydrated more than we would like to admit and blaming it on other things. “Oh I am a little sluggish today because my cat woke me up over night to be fed.” or “Oh I’ve just been lifting so I am just out of energy.” No matter what your excuse it, the root cause of a lack of performance is always hydration. Is this the answer to your prayers? It could be.


As far as all of their products go, I mean this with all due respect, this was my least favorite. I am not very partial to anything overly sweet in the fruit department because it leaves my mouth a bit tacky feeling. The taste was overall good in small doses or you could get over it by crushing the whole bottle in one shot. If you love Jolly Ranchers, well you are in luck, if not maybe cut it with water. Not only will it stretch your dollar but you will also be increasing your water intake unintentionally. Win win.


I have been super sore lately because I am gearing up for IBJJF NY Spring Open in April and with that comes being less than fully hydrated to say the least. But I had the hydro in addition to a lot of water to try and help recover what I have been losing. I wish I had it on a more consistent basis  so I could give a more accurate result but I did find myself feeling a bit better. Mainly because I knew what I was drinking was great for me and it was not just water. Sometimes that is what counts.

How does your waters label stack up?
How does your water’s label stack up?
Best time to drink:

First thing after training or on the ride/walk home from class. Rehydrate to repair my friends.

  • Proprietary Organic Purple Life Formula blended specifically for hydration.
  • Electrolytes via 120mg natural potassium and sodium from organic sea salt. These are premium ingredients for a premium product.
  • Packed full of Vitamin C, E and B Complex.
  • Contains 20% Coconut water.
  • No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.
  • Non-GMO.
  • USDA Certified Organic.
  • 12.5 g of Carbohydrates 5 g sugar
  • Only 50 calories per can

12 pack will run you $34.99, that’s around $2.91 per bottle, That is less than your average Coconut water


If you want a switch from your basic coconut water or sports drink after class that comes with a little added punch of antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, Id give Purps hydro a go. It will surely be threatening submissions on the beverage market in the near future.

Dr Chris suggests that

“the 12 oz energy supplement is the most popular entry product for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community.”

When you get pumped before training, you push yourself hard during it. What is crucial after a hard day of training? You guessed it all on your own, Hydration! I think if you are opting in for the Fuel you need to pair it with the Hydro so you have yourself covered Pre & Post.

Multi-vitamin Travel Powder:

You never leave home without your bag, so if you have these in your get where I am going with this.
You never leave home without your bag, so if you have these in your bag…well…you get where I am going with this.

Last week you might remember that I checked out Purps Vita.  A Multi-vitamin shot designed for daily use. Well when I spoke with Dr. Chris we discussed the difference between the Vita and the Travel Powder. The main point to to stress is that the Powder is not designed to be an alternative method to the Vita but rather a last ditch or emergency back up in case you leave the house without your Vita or are out traveling and do not have the space to bring a Vita for each day. Easy to carry a few right in your gear bag and add to 16oz of water and boom, you have yourself a great kick of the power of purple right at your finger tips.


I would say this is the second best tasting product. It is not as concentrated as the Vita shot but matches the flavor pretty closely. It reminds me of a perfectly balanced berry forward juice. Not overly sweet or leaving any lingering effects but is delicious down to the last drop. This is what I wished the Hydro tasted like.

Best time to drink:

Anytime you are traveling and having a hard time finding your nutrients the foods you can run into are funky around the world it is best to be prepared. Or are under the weather and need a little pick me up

Want to save money and make your own? Simply practice your grip strength on some berries and figure out how to powder them...Long story short, don't waste your time, trust the experts.
Want to save money and make your own? Simply practice your grip strength on some berries and figure out how to powder them…Long story short, don’t waste your time, trust the experts.
  • Loaded with phytonurients including antioxidants
  • Balance of Vitamins A, C, D, E and B complex along with the essential minerals Selenium, Manganese + 72 trace ionic minerals
  • Inositol (Vitamin B-8)
  • 1500 mg of L-lysine which is an amino-acid that helps treat cold sores.
  • Organic Coconut Powder
  • 10 Calories per packet
  • Easily added to a 16oz bottle of water and dissolves with a few shakes.
  • All organic, Non-GMO, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

12 pack will run you $24.99, so ~$2.00 per packet.


This is the cheapest product and I would say my second favorite if not my number 1. I thoroughly enjoyed the Fuel but this pack is super convenient and a must have in your gear bag.  We all know you are not always able to eat the rainbow or even if you are eating your fruits and vegetables how many of them pack the power of purple? Add a travel shot in here and there while traveling to competitions might help push your performance back to normal levels and get you that W. A gold medal is great. Money would be better, but your health and ability to train long term is truly what matters.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience tasting, talking and living the Purps life. I find myself being a little selective on what I spend money on and drink so I would say the Fuel and Vita Travel are my must have purchases from Purps. That is of course after you hit the supermarket and get yourself some whole foods to maintain your balanced diet. Dont be a joker, eat well, train hard. Oss

Keys to Success
1. Train.
2. Go buy some Purps.
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6. Go buy a hoodie or T Shirt

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