Interview | Daniel Covel

Interview with Daniel Covel, Scramble’s secret weapon equip with black magic closed guard game!

Daniel Covel is a Black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo. He currently trains at Marcelo Garcia’s and teaches at NY San da in NYC. He is a multiple IBJJF event champ and medalist including 2012 no gi pan black belt champ.

"The best and only advice I can give you is 'Win.'"

“The best and only advice I can give you is ‘Win.'”

Dan has possibly the best set of sponsors out there too. You can see him representing them very well. On the mats hes rocking scramble, after training hes keeping clean with defense soap, and best of all when upstate he gets his ammo from black flag tactical. How could you go wrong with that? Continue reading

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Review | Kale

A review of kale, its not just for juicing anymore.


Oh where to begin. Kale is a leafy green vegetable that has been gaining traction over the recent years for being the poster child for the “super food” movement, Kale is pretty super, I mean not like its out there fighting crime and helping old ladies across the street, but in a way it is…In the sense that the range of people that are eating it are cops all the way to those super healthy yoga ladies in their 90’s that could beat me up. But back on topic, kale is a wonderful food that has a wide range of health benefits for us grapplers and it does not need to only belong in super expensive juices. I’ve put together this review of kale to provide some insight on its inner workings and give out a favorite recipe.

General Information

Kale is, as previously stated, a leafy green vegetable that belongs in the same family as cabbage, Brussels sprouts and collard greens. The technical name the vegetable category would be “cruciferous vegetables.” Vegetables within this family come with all sorts of health benefits. Such as a little known fact, cooked cabbage has more vitamin C than oranges per serving. With that being said, kale is the most super charged vegetable in this category. Kale provides us with shockingly high levels of vitamin’s A and C and staggering levels of vitamin K, which is a fat-soluble vitamin which has cancer reducing qualities and anti-inflammatory benefits. Continue reading

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Review | Sweet Potatoes

A review of sweet potatoes, a must have food for any grappler.


This tuber is not your typical boring, starchy potato. In reality sweet potatoes are Mother Nature’s gift to grapplers and athletes alike. They get a lot of attention in the health food world but just because a food is healthy does not mean it doesn’t taste good, it is quite the opposite when it comes to these bad boys! In this review of sweet potatoes we look into the health benefits, why its such a powerhouse and I give you one of my favorite badass recipes.

 General Information

Sweet potatoes come in many shapes and colors and can be found in most all super markets and are even now popping up in tiny corner stores that don’t even sell name brand soda products. I feel that it is important to practice what you preach and I wouldn’t tell you to do something I haven’t done myself. So this review is with the most generic and commonly found sweet potato in mind, the maroon skinned and brightly orange fleshed variety.

When is the best time to eat sweet potatoes?

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A different perspective on your nutrition

Guide | Your Inner Campfire

A how to guide to eating like a top level BJJ athlete.


A lot of people are so jaded or over stimulated with diet talk. Whether it is people swearing by zero fats, claiming carbs are only acceptable in the morning, or that gluten is your enemy. That’s fine and dandy for those who want to be spending a ton of money and losing weight strictly because they are stressing over the fact that they didn’t have exactly 2 oz of coconut oil in their salad. We are not that sort human. We are grapplers and our bodies require much more fine tuned, and don’t get me wrong here this is not a diet plan but more so a way to treat your daily dietary intake to a very simple example that even the thickest headed dude at you gym will understand. I mean hell, if a caveman can understand the concepts of a campfire so can some of the meat heads at the gym. I am assuming you are not as thick headed as the gentlemen within that example, but even if you are and you’ve made it this far than we might as well begin with this guide.

Your Diet is Your Body’s Campfire
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What a thing of beauty.

Guide | The Egg.

The how to guide to soft boiled eggs that started this whole site, you’re welcome.


Time to look at my favorite ingredient and what I feel is the most versatile ingredient out there, the egg, more specifically the soft boiled egg. I cannot begin to count the conversations I have had with training partners, gym rats and professional athletes about hard boiled eggs. Which I think is one of the worst ways to treat an egg. I know most people out there choose to hard boil eggs because it is easy and practically fool proof. But why eat a food by the dozen that is chalky, dry and smelly when you can simply make it ten times better with a little technique? Trust me when I say a soft boiled egg is a lot more enjoyable to eat and actually easier and takes less time. So lets begin with our guide to soft boiled eggs!

What is a soft boiled egg?
First let us look at the egg itself:
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A comprehensive guide to cooking for the BJJ lifestyle