Meerkatsu’s Grappler Gourmet Week | Day 7

Meerkatsu’s Grappler Gourmet Week | Day 7

Berimblack-bean Dip

Meerkatsu and I bring you a dip that will have your back in a pinch! Having a good dip in your cooking arsenal is almost as crucial as having a solid chili recipe. I have adopted this one from a training partner of mine and added some tweaks to it because I love it so much. You get a boat load of protein, carbs and vegetables while enjoying the bite of balsamic vinegar followed by a little spice kick. Having a quart of this in the fridge is a great way to cure your snacking urges.

Best time to eat
You can never go wrong by having protein packed snacks paired with vegetables. With this dip the sky is the limit on when you can have it. Just snack on a cup of it with a few chips or add avocado to it and have a full rounded dinner! Loaded nachos anyone?

Recipe CardBerimblack-bean dip Recipe

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