Interview | Tammi Musumeci

Interview | Tammi Musumeci

An interview with BJJ Black belt Tammi Musumeci,  half of the Anywhere-imboloing wonder team.

If you follow, train, talk or do anything jiu jitsu related, you have heard of the berimbolo by now. Lately it has been taken off the mats and into any and all locations by the Musumeci’s, a brother and sister duo. To see them going inverted by a train, in 7-11 on a beach, and many more locations not in a gym check out this article by Jiu Jitsu Times. But it did not all start there for Tammi, she has been training and competing practically her whole life and I don’t mean just competiting here and there, she has won just about every major competition from Blue belt all the way to her current rank of Black belt under Emyr Bussade , and she is only 20 years old. Makes you feel like a slouch right? But before you race off the the mats to train extra hard to feel better about yourself I had the chance to chat with Tammi about food, jiu jitsu and how she eats when dealing with an injury.

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite topic, tell us a little about who you are and what you have accomplished.

I am 20 years old and in my second year of a six year, BS/JD program. I train six days per week jiu-jitsu, condition three days per week and do MMA with the Blackzillians Pro Team, five days per week. I also teach BJJ at Jaco Hybrid Training Center two times per week. I began jiu-jitsu at the age of six and have been doing it since. I have been competing since I am about 8 years old. I began competing as an adult at age 15. That year I won gold in Blue Belt at Worlds, and received my purple belt on the podium. I then went on to win gold at Pan-Am no-gi, no-gi Worlds, Pan Ams and Worlds, all in purple belt, and received my brown belt on the podium. I then competed and won gold in brown belt Pan Ams and Worlds. I received my black belt soon after. As a black belt I won gold at the no-gi Worlds and Pan Ams. I won second place in the Worlds in black belt.

Proof is in the pudding. She did this at the age when most of us were complaining about homework and which college would accept us
Proof is in the pudding. She did this at the age when most of us were complaining about homework and which college would accept us

What is your average everyday diet like?

My average diet is very clean. I eat meats, vegetables and rice. I am not big on sauces, gravies, etc. I don’t really follow a certain guideline, I just eat healthy.

Do you run a cheat day or as other put it, an “earned day?”

I do have cheat days, Sunday sauce and meatballs and pasta.

What challenges do you and your brother face being at the gym for so many hours in the day when it comes to eating?

I train at the gym for 5 hours straight on most days! *laughs* Eating is the hardest part so I usually eat a big breakfast and snack before training then in between have a protein drink and banana. After training I eat a huge lunch! I am dead after training usually and need to find a better eating schedule!

I personally am a breakfast nut. What is your favorite berim-breakfast?

Breakfast is usually oatmeal and fruit. I love scrambled eggs and cheese, but don’t really eat it very often. If I am going to splurge, I do it later in the day so I have something to look forward to. *laughs*

Just another day in the office between classes.
Just another day in the office between classes.

What do you think is the most important food or drink for training as such a high level?

I believe you need to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. In addition, I think protein and carbs are very important.

What is your pre-training and post-training intake like?

I eat usually a meat and rice or bread and vegetables before I train and have fruit afterwards.

What are the keys to a perfect ‘bolo-on-the-go?

Always be prepared to bolo!!! You never know when the opportunity will come to hit a sweet bolo in a cool place.

In what ways does your competition diet change from your normal diet?

It is the same because I don’t cut weight.

What do you eat the night before, day of and post competition?

I eat basically the same the night before. The day of, I will eat more fruit usually because there sometimes is a long wait before I fight, so I need to eat but can’t eat too heavy. After competition, I can eat whatever I want. Usually it is pasta, chicken or steak and sometimes ice cream. It depends how I did. *laughs*

The best diet is usually eating your competition alive come show time.
The best diet is usually eating your competition alive come show time.

Do you have any pre-competition eating rituals, good luck foods or anything along those lines?

No because I have done really well and not so well eating the same thing.

What is your go to recipe when making a meal for yourself?

My go to meal is just a grilled chicken sandwich. Easy and delicious!

With your injury sustained at worlds, were you sidelined for a bit?

I was in a brace for three weeks but was still able to drill and condition. In addition, I had my cauliflower ear corrected, which was planned on before I got hurt, so it all worked out pretty good.

Being sidelined is when ones diet can really get away from them. What steps did you taking to stay in shape and maintain while not training. If you eat how we normally do without training…bad news. What challenges have you run into with the banged up wing?

Hard to make sandwiches? I worked out harder with my conditioning coach during the three weeks I was in the brace, so my diet didn’t need to change. I live with my parents and brother so I had plenty of help in preparing my meals. I was fortunate it was summer so I was off from school which made things easier as well.

I wanted to post the video of the girl making a sandwich with her feet as a rebuttal but Id rather show heart
I wanted to post the video of the girl making a sandwich with her feet as a rebuttal but Id rather show heart

Do you take any supplements? If so what does your plan look like?

I take a multi vitamin, calcium and vitamin C. I try to eat balanced meals. I try to include a protein and carbohydrate in each meal.

What are your top 5 favorite ingredients/foods?

Turkey, chicken breast, lean steak and bison, and sweet potatoes.

If there was a skill or cooking technique that you would like to learn to improve your arsenal what would it be?

I eat very bland but would love to learn how to use different spices so my food would be less boring and more tasty.

If you had to compare yourself to any submission or move in jiu Jitsu, what would it be and why? I have a feeling berimbolo will come into play.

The jiu jitsu move I would compare myself to would be the scissor sweep because I love and respect the basics the most and feel they are the most efficient!

If today was your last day, what would your last meal be and what song would be playing?

Listening to “Perfect Insanity” from Disturbed while eating Lasagna.

A family that kicks together, sticks together.  Plus who doesnt like trying to fight their sibling?
A family that kicks together, sticks together. Plus who doesn’t like trying to fight their sibling?


I would like to thank Tammi Musumeci for taking the time out of her very busy schedule to chat with me and give us all some insight on how a champion eats. Proof that no matter how much or hard you train, you can still eat and eat well. Want to watch crazy bolos from all angles? Follow Tammi and her brother Mikey on Instagram(@Musumecibjj). If you are in the Florida area make sure to check out Jaco Hybrid Training Center and who knows, maybe you can get your back taken. If you do find yourself in that position make sure you are rocking some Inverted Gear you got 10% OFF of by using grapplergourmet code. Go preparing to Stay Alpha with Q5 Combat products that you nabbed up at 10% OFF by using GOURMET10 at the check out. And lastly go in there feeling good because you learned some awesome tips and tricks with the FREE Grappler Gourmet Weekly email list you signed up for below. Remember to eat well, train hard. Oss.

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