Interview | Dante Muschamp

Interview | Dante Muschamp

The hardest working person on the mats, oh did I mention he’s only 14…

Dante Muschamp is a 14 year old yellow belt training out of Brooklyn. I use the term training loosely because I swear everyday I go by the gym or in the gym he is there. Whether it is coming in early to help teach the junior’s class (which he graduated out of early and moved up with the teens,) taking his own teens class, and then still kicking around and asking if he can join in for the adult classes. A week does not go by when Dante asks me if I want to roll and I am 6’4 220lbs. The kid is a machine and truly a shining example of what the love of the sport can offer. He may of not won Worlds(yet) but this kid is a rising star. In the Jiu Jitsu community titles and competition results are always what you ask about first, but what truly matters is if you are an excellent ambassador of the sport itself.

Set it and forget it.

You could win World’s over and over but have a foul personality, give nothing back to your training partners besides bumps and bruises and scoff when a white belt asks you a question yet this makes you a star? I do not think so. I feel what you do on the mats, behind closed doors, day in and day out is the unit of measure of star power. With that being said, Dante is glowing brighter than the frickin’ sun! So Without further adieu, take it away Dante!

Thank you Dante for taking the time after all of your school, training and homework is done to chat with me. I know who you are, and everyone else will soon enough, but to be safe tell us a little about yourself.

So first off, my name is Dantè Muschamp, and I am just your average jiu-jitsu practitioner with an open mind and the desire to become better every day. I have won multiple competitions, Naga, Goodfight etc. And I will be competing in many more very soon.

Fastest sub AND double gold in Sub-Only. He is a go getter!
Fastest sub AND double gold in Sub-Only. He is a go getter!

How old are you, when did you start training Jiu Jitsu and what is your average day like? Give me the run down. Times have changed since I was a teenager.

I am 14 years old; I started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu when I was 11 years old. Basically everyday I attend school, then once I’m out I head straight to the gym to warm up and maybe train for a little, and if there are any other students that have any questions on techniques or anything of that sort I am there to help. Then the kid’s class’s start and I help out with those classes for an hour, then my class where I train for another hour, then head home. So I am at the gym for about two to three hours a day.

What is your average everyday diet like?

Well, I try to maintain the same ratio or amount of food daily, while switching things up occasionally, but other than that, that’s about it.

I personally am a breakfast nut. How do you start your day? Kids still eating Kix these days?

My favorite breakfast would have to be, I’d say a wrap that has eggs, tomatoes, cheese, peppers, either with ham or turkey.

Ha who knew these are a dying art.
Ha who knew these are a dying art.

I know that you are constantly at the gym helping with the junior’s class, taking your own classes and even trying to sneak into the adult classes, when do you find time to eat?

I mainly eat before the classes, more than enough to get through them, but if something changes them I’ll sneak in a protein bar in between classes.

Who is your favorite Jiu Jitsu athlete out there?

I have many favorite athletes out there, I can list tons of them, but if I had to choose one it would be Marcelo Garcia.

Despite what some of you might think, Marcelo was 14 once and not a black belt.
Despite what some of you might think, Marcelo was 14 once and not a black belt.

In school these days the cafeterias have changed dramatically since when I was in them, what is the food like and what do you find yourself eating?

The food honestly, really isn’t the best, cafeterias now a days serve, processed, frozen foods that frankly are not satisfying my, and I’m sure many others needs. So when things like this happen I pack 2 extra protein bars to get me through lunch.

Do you consider that you will be training later in the day after school and what you eat will affect it?

Yes I do take that into consideration that’s why, if school lunch isn’t the best, not only do I have the protein bars but I make a homemade shake that gives me a lot of energy to train.

Do you buy the majority of your meals or are they homemade?

A majority of my meals are homemade, because I’d prefer to eat a homemade meal rather than a store bought one.

What is your pre-training and post-training intake like?

My pre-training intake is rather light due to the fact that I don’t normally have too much of an appetite before classes, but my post-training intake is much heavier.promotion

If there were any bits of advice you would give out to fellow teens training jiu jitsu or other sports what would it be?

Just eat right, train hard and never stop training.

How has Jiu Jitsu changed your life? Do you feel it difficult to get all of your school work done while still at the gym so often?

Jiu-Jitsu has greatly changed my life in many ways, just becoming more fit and opening up so many opportunities in life that I really wouldn’t have had without this sport. I don’t find it difficult at all, what I try to do is finish all my work before classes start at the gym, so I make time for everything.

What part of your diet do you feel is the most important and why?

The part of my diet that I feel is most important is the amount or balance of protein in my foods, because for me, having a balanced amount of protein in my food basically determines my energy level in classes.

You are young, you can eat anything and get away with it but in what ways does your competition diet change from your normal diet?

My competition diet changes from my normal diet in a few ways, and that is I try to eat more greens or healthier than I would normally, I drink fruit shakes and water rather than juice and I also eat maybe twice the amount of fruit that I normally consume.

Do think Jiu Jitsu is a great opportunity for other kids your age or younger compared to other sports?

Most definitely, Jiu-Jitsu exposes them to there full potential not only physically but mentally too. It also builds confidence and focus, so not only will there fitness improve, but there grades in school will go up and there are so many other benefits of this sport.

Overall what do you think is the most common meal you find yourself eating?

The most common meal I’ll find myself eating would be, cliff bars.

I smell a sponsorship!
I smell a sponsorship opportunity!

Everyone has their own weakness, what would you say your guilty snack is? I personally love peanut butter way too much.

My guilty snack would be cereal, because I can eat cereal literally at anytime of the day and I can never get bored of it.

What are your top 5 favorite ingredients/foods? (Remember your mother will read this so choose wisely!)

My top 5 favorite foods:
– Fillet Snapper
– Chicken Cutlets
– Stew Chicken
– Rice and Beans
– Lasagna

Being a very active and fit kid, what advice would you give parents on how to help their kids to eat well and stay healthy?

My advice would be to just, encourage them to do what they are interested in and not forced to do, because if they are forced to do something that they don’t want do, the most likely won’t do it to the best if there abilities. So just eat healthy and do what you love to do.

Where do you spend your afternoons?
Where do you spend your afternoons?

What are the challenges you find maintaining your eating habits?

Some challenges that I face daily to maintaining my eating habits would be, not having access to my desired foods and also the temptations of eating something that isn’t the best for you, but it tastes good.

Would you have any diet advice for other kids your age? IE quit drinking slurpees and eating potato chips…

My advice to kids my age would be to keep eating right don’t put junk into your body, occasionally it’s understandable, but just remember that the better you eat and the more you take care of yourself the longer life you’ll live.start

What is your favorite submission/game right now?

Right now, I’ve been playing a lot of De Le Riva and berimbolos , and I’d say my main submission would be the triangle.

This weeks interview was a pleasure because I got to talk with Dante about what he loves food and Jiu Jitsu. Those are the best interviews because through his responses (which were all almost immediate!) you can sense his excitement. He has some sound advice for those his age training and even for parents with kids training. He balances school, the gym for multiple hours a day, and homework yet still finds the time to eat well and without complaint. What’s your excuse?  Get your kids training, eating right and doing something that your both love and you will become a happy household! If your kids are already training, surprise them with a new gi from Inverted Gear that you snagged with 10% OFF using grapplergourmet at check out! Want to up your shake game? I hear Q5 Sport Nutrition is the place to go and use GOURMET10 at checkout for 10% OFF all of your supplement needs. Remember adults and kids, eat well, train hard. Oss!

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