Guide | Grilled Potatoes

Guide | Grilled Potatoes

How-to guide for easy grilled potatoes, with it being grill season wrap your potatoes up in tin foil gi and let them feel the heat!


With the 4th of July right around the corner, one thing is obvious and exciting for all of us. That thing would be AAMUURRICA! I mean that would be that it is grill season! How can you not be pumped for that? You get to hang out outside, eat copious amounts of meat and start a fire without getting arrested. If that does not get your blood flowing like when you step onto the mat for the first match of a competition I dont know what will and you are lost, or have some really bad circulation….go get that checked out. With grilling it is not all about meat,  but meat is the centerpiece. That being said you are usually more concerned with cooking the showpiece of your grilled menu to perfection and do not want to hassle around with trying to wrangle vegetables rolling around on the grill and making sure you arent burning the potatoes. With this guide I am here to teach you a simple, delicious and most importantly, easy way to grill potatoes. Let’s gather around and breakdown this technique and then put it straight to use with a recipe for your grilling adventures.

Look at how simple this is yet you are still trying to wrap your head around the worm guard series...
Look at how simple this is yet you are still trying to wrap your head around the worm guard series…

Why grilling?

I personally feel that grilling sparks something deep down in our inner caveman/woman that just found fire and realized that “holy shit cooked dinosaurs and vegetables taste 1000 times better!” But for some of you it might also slap you into a fit of nostalgia of camping trips or cook outs. No matter grilling is usually associated with fond memories unless you were part of a tragic accident and are scared of grills and fire, if that is the case, I am sorry, follow this technique by making your own grill packs and having a buddy cook them for you.

I wonder what saber tooth tiger steaks would taste like...
I wonder what saber tooth tiger steaks would taste like…

When grilling you usually are dealing with a lot of meat and vegetables then your starch option becomes over looked for just an afterthought of sad lukewarm potato salad that no one touches. It is about time to fix that without adding any work to your already busy grilling schedule. Foil packed flavor bombs of potatoes are a great way to really elevate your grill game to a black belt level and make your taste buds feel it.

The Concept

Rather than using direct heat and grilling slices or wedges of raw/parcooked potatoes which can certainly get out of hand a turn into a starchy disaster we are going to utilize the grill to “bake” our potatoes. By simply using tin foil and making a capsule or packets for your potatoes and simply add any combination of flavorings in there, seal them up and slap them on the grill until they are cooked.  

Sausage with your potatoes, good, sausage on the mat, not good.
Sausage with your potatoes, good, sausage on the mat, not good.

What you will need

Tin foil: Large sheets enough to fully wrap your potato blend

Large pot: This is to par cook your potatoes to ensure once you slap them on the grill they cook quickly and easily.

Potatoes: You can really pick any sort of potato you want here, personally I feel that sweet potatoes, red/yellow potatoes or fingerling potatoes are the best types for this application. Try and pick uniform sized potatoes that way you can ensure even cooking.

Less threatening than picking out a training partner yet you do that daily.
Less threatening than picking out a training partner yet you do that daily.

Seasoning: You have literally endless combinations here.  Here are a few ideas though:

  • Parmesan, rosemary and garlic
  • Sun-dried tomatoes, thyme and basil
  • Bacon, mustard seeds and red onion
  • Chili powder, pearl onions and parsley
  • Duckfat, onion and black pepper
  • Honey,  hot sauce and scallions


Avoid-knee-on-belly-after-these Fully Loaded Potatoes LoadedMakes enough for you and a few training partners (4 servings)
Main Components
Round Potatoes, red and white, scrubbed, halved: 2 lbs
Bacon, chopped, cooked: 5 slices
Bacon fat: From cooking of slices
Cheddar, shredded: 1 cup
Scallions, chopped: 1/2 bunch
Sour Cream: 3-4 Tbsp
Salt & FGBP: to taste

How to Guide

  1. Cut the potatoes in half or into uniform sized pieces, if using fingerlings, leave them whole. Place in a large pot and add enough water just to cover. Bring them to a boil and cook for 6 minutes or until they are about 80% cooked.
  2. Mix cheese, bacon, bacon fat, scallions and salt & pepper together in a bowl with sour cream.
  3. Drain the potatoes and add to a bowl with all of your seasoning, a little oil and toss to fully coat.
  4. Lay out a large square of tin foil and place the potato mixture into the middle. Top with a little extra dollop of sour cream, then wrap tightly and seal the top together.
  5. When its show time, slap the pack on the grill and cook for around 10 minutes. Remember to give it a shake here and there to ensure even cooking.
  6. Once cooked remove it from the grill and enjoy some sunshine with your perfectly cooked potatoes.


  • Super easy
  • Endless flavor possibilities
  • Can be made in advance
  • Made into portioned packets
  • Multiple different flavored packets
  • One large batch packets to make live even easier
  • Delicious
  • Not limited to potatoes
  • Can be done straight in a fire, no need for a grill at all

    Nice and snug, just like your collar chokes.
    Nice and snug, just like your collar chokes.


This method goes beyond just potatoes, you can do mixed vegetables, fish, meats, etc… The list really goes on and the combinations are rediculous. So go play around with this grilling technique, enjoy he holidays and most importantly, eat well, relax and recover. You’ve earned the break. But before you head out remember to sign up for Grappler Gourmet Weekly to have the internet gnomes hand deliver these posts to your email the second they release! Oss!

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