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Do you want to be sponsored or  become a better sponsored grappler? Here is the answer to your questions.

Do you want to train, compete and travel for free? What about be decked out in your favorite gear or fueled by your favorite supplements all for free? You deserve that right? I know, you are amazing. You are winning a ton of competitions, posting radical pictures on Social media of you with the biggest names in the sport, or have 100k followers on twitter who are sitting by waiting for your daily tweet so they can retweet it to their minions…oh wait…you don’t have all of that? Well guess what, lucky for you, all of that means nothing if you do not know how to approach, communicate and give back to your sponsors in a correct way.Grappler Gourmet - getBJJsponsorships_cover


Hell, look at me. I am not the most well known grappler and I dont even have an Instagram account, yet I find myself being fortunate enough to be supported by the best companies out there, Inverted Gear, Q5 Sports Nutrition, Datsusara and my local gym, Harbor Fitness and grocery store, Earth’s Basket support all of my competition goals monetarily. I am a blue belt and proof that anyone can go out there and live the dream of being a sponsored Jiu Jitsu practitioner with a little research, hard work off the mats and motivation.  Even if you are already sponsored this book has ways to elevate your value and become an even better sponsor! Who wouldn’t want that?

Where do you begin might you ask? Well Hywel Teague of BJJ Hacks has created the best resource out there that will get you closer than anything to having free training gear, competition/gym fees covered, travel, supplements and potentially cash stipends.Grappler Gourmet - ebook-cover-pdf

Sometimes it costs a little to make a lot. If you are truly serious about the sport and wanting to achieve your dream of living the Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle, you would be crazy to not pick up this guide.


You all are smart, you do not need to be the best of the best or even a competitor for that matter to nail down your dream sponsorship. You just need the right tools and mindset to do so. This book is it. It is the real deal. Forget eating well today, read well, train hard. Oss.
Your Inner Campfire The BookSM

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