Guide | Bulletproof Coffee

Guide | Bulletproof Coffee

Want to improve your defense? Make yourself Bulletproof with this guide to Bulletproof Coffee.

How do you kick start your day? Loading up on oatmeal, cereal and/or eggs? What is your coffee situation like? These are key factors when it comes to maximizing your day and having Gianni Grippo pre-competition-match-levels of energy rather than feeling like you are constantly playing from behind and being smothered by drowsiness. With bulletproof coffee you might think it is like believing in snake oil, but there are actually benefits to the concept behind it. It is not advanced math, but it is as simple as Coffee + butter + oil = Energy + weight loss + focus. Now the situation gets tricky when trying to find the right coffee, correct butter and deciding on the oil. That is exactly what we will look into in this guide to bulletproof coffee. Along with how to make it as efficiently as possible, what gains are there to be had and how it can improve your overall performance. That’s right how you start your day can effect how your training goes that night.

There are better ways to start your morning, but man Im sure this will wake you the fuck up.
There are better ways to start your morning, but man Im sure this will wake you the fuck up.

General Info

I know for me, personally I drink my fair share of coffee in the morning, and by my fair share I mean enough for a few of us combined. My girlfriend and I have heard a lot from friends and training partners (wait you can have friends who aren’t training partners.) about this “bulletproof coffee” kick. So then with some research I have found there are some seriously mixed reviews on if bulletproof coffee is beneficial and even more so, how many different methods there on what makes said coffee “bulletproof.”

This is a much safer way to start the morning...or is it?
This is a much safer way to start the morning…or is it?

Last week I asked you all for your personal experience with the craze that is this butter packed rocket fuel. So I have set out to just give my 2 cents, weigh in on alternative ways to make the process easier in the morning and a breakdown of the ingredients. What I will not be doing is telling you whether or not you should be drinking it. You are a grown ass man/woman and can make that decision on your own after checking out this guide!

The Concept

Butter, coffee and medium chain triglycerides (MCT) oil blended into a frothy latte every morning. That sound appealing doesn’t it? Well it is down right delicious. But is it good for you? There is an aura of mystery surrounding the facts on if BPC is good for you, terrible for you, or flat out bogus. Claims ranging from extreme weight lose, improved brain function to extreme increased risk of heart disease. I am not a myth buster but what I can give is a breakdown of what BPC is all about and put it to the test myself. From there you can conclude your own opinion and jump on the gravy train if you so choose.

The Pros & Cons

The benefits associated with BPC are mixed along with the cons. The facts we can conclude are from the ingredients in which we are consuming and when we are consuming them. Aka what benefits are there from having coffee, butter and MCT oil in the morning? Based on my research and putting myself to the test…


  • High energy levels after only one cup of coffee rather than needing 3.
  • Feeling more focused within minutes after consuming.
  • Shed a few pounds but then again I fluctuate regularly.
  • Getting just over 400 calories before even eating any food.
  • It is delicious.

Mixed responses from you, the users:

“As a component of weight loss; no.”

“Energy and mental focus were my goals. Absolutely achieved those as well as dropping a few lbs”

“See if there was any effect. Yes — I found the effect was the same as coffee black or with cream.”

“I love coffee.”

“Lean muscle, overall health. Yes, achieved it.—I swear by the stuff. I clicked coconut oil above, but I also use MCT oil now and again.”

Is it a sign of the apocalypse that is about to happen in your lower intestine?
Is it a sign of the apocalypse that is about to happen in your lower intestine?


  • Hungry within an hour, and I do not mean regular hunger, starving hunger.
  • Butter and coconut oil are more expensive than half & half.
  • High levels of saturated fats and sodium can affect cholesterol levels.
  • Getting just over 400 calories before even eating any food…none of which are protein.
  • Having to hear a blender first thing in the morning.
  • MCT oil runs right through you…you can use your imagination here.

The Ingredients

There is more fungus on your brown belt on this...
There is more fungus on your brown belt on this…


This is the biggest area for debate when it comes to BPC. I mean hell; it is within the name, coffee. The big issue arose from the founder of BPC put out specific coffee that is “high performance” and the only type of coffee you should be using because it is myocotoxins. Which is a type of fungus that grows in coffee beans. The claim is that almost all coffee on the market contains this fungus except the high performance coffee. Initially everyone drank this punch. Just like with every other cult, turns out this was using a lack of information for gain. Studies have shown that the majority of coffee has very low levels of myocotoxins pre-roasting, and then the roasting process removes in some cases up to 96% of those toxins. So with that being said, get coffee that you like the flavor of that isn’t the cheapest of the cheap. You do not want Bulletproof Folgers. Would it not work the same? It would, it just would not taste as good because the base element, the coffee, is not as good.

A pound a day keeps the doctor away! Oh wait...that's apples...a pound of butter a day will surely bring the doctor running.
A pound a day keeps the doctor away! Oh wait…that’s apples…a pound of butter a day will surely bring the doctor running.

Grass-fed butter:

There is a world of different butters on the market these days. For BPC there is only one, Kerrygold Grass-fed butter. Grass-fed butter is higher in omega-3, vitamins and antioxidants than normal butter. As far as how it stacks up as butter, it is pretty damn tasty on its own. So adding it into coffee is just a flavor punch. The butter has a more “natural” flavor, and by natural I mean eating it reminds me subtly of how a farm smells…not the bad smells but grass and hay. Butter is universally expensive and frowned upon in large quantities. For BPS you can get 16 cups worth of butter from one $5 pack of Kerrygold. Not too shabby. Worst case, you quit drinking the coffee and have tasty butter around the house. Make sure to get unsalted too…this is clutch for all applications.

Au natural
Au natural

MCT Oil:

Medium chain triglycerides are a special type of fat that bypasses all of the normal means of fat absorption and processing and are sent straight to the liver. With that being said, this does not mean that MCT are miracle oil that will put you in a lower weight class just because you add it to your coffee. There are some benefits attached to it, but for the most part the research is still not substantial enough to say yay or nay. Do you need to buy the 100% MCT oil? You sure don’t. MCT oil contains 4 different types of MCT. The most widely recognized for its benefits is known as lauric acid. Guess what is 50% lauric acid and is natural rather than manufactured? Coconut oil. So I have opted for coconut oil because it is more universal in the sense that I cook with it typically and it is natural.

The Master Recipe

Coffee | Grass-fed Butter | Coconut Oil

1 Cup | 1 Tbsp | 1 Tbsp

The Method

Watch out on what setting you start it on, if you hit high, it will be like hitting the button that fires a nuke...of hot coffee everywhere
Watch out on what setting you start it on, if you hit high, it will be like hitting the button that fires a nuke…of hot coffee everywhere
  1. Brew your cup of coffee
  2. Combine coffee, butter and oil in a blender.
  3. Blend on high for 20 seconds until emulsified.
  4. Add back into a cup and enjoy. Or drink it right out of the blender if you are a savage.

Tip: Get some little plastic cups, the ones you would get sauces from delivery in, and pre-portion your butter and coconut oils out in advance. Save yourself from dirtying a knife and tablespoon measure every morning.

The Conclusion

This explains the levels of energy Angus Young had on stage...
This explains the levels of energy Angus Young had on stage…

If you normally drink you coffee in the morning with heavy cream and sugar, give this a go. It really makes for one of the best tasting “lattes” I have had and the sweetness from the coconut oil allows you to get away with not needing any sugar. I do feel that since it is lacking as a fully rounded meal nutritionally, it is not a good meal replacement. What it is, is a good way to really get your metabolism and brain firing off in the morning. I have noticed a little weight loss since starting drinking it a week and a half ago. But what I have noticed the most, besides being wired after only one cup, has been the fact that I am starving an hour afterwards. This is a good thing because it means my body is awake along with my mind and man, does breakfast taste good when you are starving. You do not need to go nuts with ordering bulletproof kits or getting coffee beans that are a million dollars. Just get some higher quality coffee that you enjoy, grass-fed Irish butter and some organic coconut oil and have a nice start to your day. If not for the benefits, do it for the taste. I would also say cycling on and off is a good course of action to keep sodium levels in check.

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