Why You Should Be Drinking Green Tea

Why You Should Be Drinking Green Tea

Are you down with the Green? And I don’t mean Prop 19.

Are you sick of water or how about sick of trying to make big hard weight cuts? Well there is one simple solution that could help cure those ailments commonly found within the sport of Jiu Jitsu, Green Tea. Green tea has been proved time and time again to be one of the best damn beverages on the planet for athletes. The amount of benefits packed within the steady consumption of green tea are ridiculous and often overlooked because hey, its just tea right? Green tea should be a staple in every grapplers diet. If you are only consuming it at your post IBJJF competition all-you-can-stuff-in-your-face sushi celebrations, you wont be gaining much, but if you regularly have a glass, you can increase your chances of being at said celebration with a gold medal around your neck or least of all, feeling a lot healthier and happier. But do allow me to lay down some cold hard facts on the benefits of Green Tea for your viewing pleasure in this week’s article; Reasons Why You Should be Drinking Green Tea.

General Information

Before I get into laying the benefits onto you faster than Marcelo slaps on a guillotine I need to give you a little background information on what exactly Green Tea is. I will keep it short and sweet. If you are like me and are competing this weekend, your attention span is limited, I wont keep you long.

Aren't you happy you do not have to harvest tea all day but can still drink it daily? Abuse that luxury.
Aren’t you happy you do not have to harvest tea all day but can still drink it daily? Abuse that luxury.

The green tea leaves, once harvested, are the least processed. Resulting in highly concentrated antioxidants, primarily EGCG which is the workhorse behind all of the benefits. With this being paired with the fact that green tea has the least amount of caffeine of teas, it works its way to the top of the “Anytime, anywhere” podium. There are a plethora of different green teas out there so here is a brief overview of the different varieties most commonly found;chinese green tea

Chinese Green Tea: Commonly more grassy and sweet than the rest. The reason being is the majority of the tea is harvested earlier in the year resulting in a more delicate flavor from younger leaves. The tea is often more brown-yelllow than the typical green-yellow.Indian Green Tea

Indian Green Tea: Primarily the teas from India will be a bit more potent smelling but light in color and bold in taste. If you want a more aromatic tea, opt for Indian.Japanese-Green-Tea

Japanese Green Tea:  Sweet, light and grassy. The majority of the green tea from Japan is lower in caffeine and perfect for late night drinking. It is packed with Vitamin C too! Japanese green tea is noted to be the highest quality because of the ancient and meticulous growing and harvesting practices of their superior crops.

Do you hate green tea? Then this is the green tea for you!

Organic Green Tea: Tea that is grown using the most sustainable method. Probably the best on the market but also it comes with a higher price tag. You know you are getting the best quality here if your organic tea is from India or California.


You cannot reap all of the rewards by just drinking one cup and thinking you are now superman. That is not how nutrition works. There is no fountain of youth. But luckily we have the BJJ mindset of drilling and 10,000 hours and know that the benefits come from repetition. You should be consuming minimally 1 cup of green tea daily, but aim for 2-3 ideally.

  • Increases metabolism which means better weight management/loss. The polyphenol in green tea is the major player here and it enhances the rate in which you digest your food into usable energy.
  • Anti-bacterial/Anti-viral qualities are found in green tea that will help you fend of the submissions of colds all the way to cancers. Help keep your teeth healthy, body healthy and fights off infections. Who doesn’t want that?
  • Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory properties keep your body from aging at a normal place, this might keep you in the Adult division for a few years into your 30s!
  • It makes your happy by reducing depression because of an amino acid found within the leaves known as Theanine.
  • Energy and brain function boosts are from the lower levels of caffeine than coffee, so you wont be jittery, and L-Theanine which bypassed blood barriers and produces dopamine and reduced anxiety. Think clearer without the jitters.
  • Regulates blood sugar levels which can reduce the risk of diabetes, insulin spikes and the storage of fat.
  • Crushes bad cholesterol while balancing the good cholesterol.

Brewing Tips

A lot of people out there hate tea and think it is bitter and gross. This is because most all of us are brewing it incorrectly. Don’t be a bozo and just think, boiling water + tea = success. You would fail tea-math class. Here are a few rules of thumb when brewing the perfect cup of tea.

Tea | Water Ratio: 3 grams of tea | 5 oz of filtered water

Water Type: Filtered water works best, tap is second and don’t use distilled. You lose out on a lot of the minerals that are removed in the distilling process.

Water Temperature: Do not bring your water to a boil, bring it to a lazy simmer which happens around 170°F/85°C.

I am a little tea pot short and stout.
I am a little tea pot short and stout.

Time: You should remove the tea leaves between 1 – 2 minutes tops. Anything after 3 minutes will being to product bitter tea. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

Tea Removal: If you do not have an infuser simply pour your brewed tea into a new cup using a little strainer or a lot of careful pouring. Most of the tea leaves will be at the bottom of the cup.

$4 and a lot of saved time and prevented headaches.
$4 and a lot of saved time and prevented headaches.

Cooking Tips:

  • When making iced tea use just enough hot water to cover the tea leaves and steep for desired time. Then fill the rest of the way with cold water and let sit for 6 hours ideally.
  • Have tea on hand to add into stir-fries, soups and dressings by cold soaking leaves for 30 minutes.

    Try brewing some tea and using it as a poaching liquid for your salmon.
    Try brewing some tea and using it as a poaching liquid for your salmon.
  • Add tea leaves to breading mixtures for seafoods.
  • Use tea with vinegar and then mix with oil for a nice vinaigrette.
  • Use cooled tea for your smoothies/shakes in place of regular water.
  • Do not just opt for regular green tea, there is a wonderful world of flavored teas on the market. My personal favorite right now that my beautiful girlfriend got me hooked on is Lime Gelato Green Tea from David’s Tea. Having a pitcher of this iced in the fridge has not only increased the likelihood of having tea more often but it cures any cravings I am having for sweets, which is a good thing because I compete this weekend and have to keep my weight in check.

    Best tea on earth.
    Best tea on earth.

Flavor Pairing: Ginger, lemon, lime, yogurt, honey, seaweed, rice vinegar, soy milk, vanilla, orange, pineapple, peach, pear, cilantro, mushrooms, scallions, garlic, salmon, shrimp, most fish.


Eating well without drinking green tea is like saying you train BJJ but never use closed guard. It is foolish and you are truly missing out of a world of easy and delicious benefits. Water gets boring and we have to drink gallons worth a day with how much we are sweating out while putting in the rolls. Do yourself a favor and grab some tea, if you are not a fan of tea, I would strongly suggest hitting David’s Tea Green Tea section for some more taste bud friendly teas. You will not be upset. After that make sure to head over to Inverted Gear and use grapplergourmet for 10% OFF for some new gear you can then store in your Datsusara bag you got for 5% OFF using gg-5. Already have all the tools you need and want to stay on the top, or one might say to Stay Alpha? Then you need to check out Q5 Combat and use GOURMET10 for 10% OFF. Like those type of deals and these type of posts? Sign up for the Grappler Gourmet Weekly newsletter for FREE below! Drink well, train hard. Oss
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