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Event | Get Me to The Baddest Blue

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My fiance rocks, she is trying to get me to Dream Jiu Jitsu’s Baddest Blue Competition!

I am one lucky duck. Because I have a loving fiance that supports all of my big dreams no matter how small and dumb they are. Whether it is her convincing me that this site would be a great idea and to shut up and do it when it was just an idea  or by going to all of those competitions and sitting with me for 8+ grueling hours of coaches yelling and buzzers constantly going off. She has now started this awesome campaign to see another one of my dreams come true.

I missed it last year and have been kicking myself since so she is trying to get me over to California to battle with the best of the best blues! So far I am shocked to see that we are already halfway there in less than a day! (this is clearly based on when I am writing this post.) There are a lot of cool perks for the donations given and hey, anything helps! Even if you cannot help, as a reader, you are making my dreams come true as is. You all are amazing for supporting the site and keeping me on my toes! Check it out and remember grapplers, eat well, train hard! OSS!

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