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Week Off

Sometimes you just need to take a rest day, today is that day.

Last week my fiance started a campaign to get me to Dream Jiu Jitsu’s Baddest Blue competition. And thanks to a lot of generous friends, training partners and parents I am blasting off to California this weekend to make a go of it. I am amazed at the support that the Jiu Jitsu community offers up and want to extend a huge THANK YOU…wait that is not huge enough… Continue reading

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Guide | Grilled Rice

A how to guide to grilled rice, reinventing your grill guard with a classic Japanese technique!


It is the best time of year right now because, for starters it’s not winter. The second most important reason is because it is grill weather! It doesn’t get much more exciting than getting to channel your inner primitive instincts to make a fire and then cook everything on it. When you and all of the other goons at the gym get together and think about firing up the grill of course the first question that comes to mind is “What type of meat do we want?” Now pause right there and channel your inner jiujiteiro and use your creativity to change up the game. We are going to take a look at something besides meat and vegetables for the grill, rice. This is a guide to grilled rice, not only is it a delicious and simple addition to all of your weekend cook outs but Continue reading

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Special Edition | Recipe

This breakfast casserole won’t teach you how to pass guard, but it will make you feel better afterwards.

This is a first, I had the fantastic UK based Jiu Jitsu Fightwear & Apparel company Roll Supreme put in a request for a post workout or training omelet. Thus the creation of the “Post-Roll Supreme Omelet Casserole.” So everyone make sure to go thank Jack @RollSupreme!

Do you like breakfast sausage, eggs and hash browns? I sure as hell do. Continue reading

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Review | Canned Tuna

A review of canned tuna, the most popular protein source available.


Canned tuna is one of the top purchased items in grocery stores. Why is that? It is cheap, easy, and an excellent source of ready to eat lean protein. There is a reason why you see all those meat heads from the gym crushing it by the can. That is because canned tuna has some rock star qualities for muscle growth and repair. But what does not need to happen is trying to stomach eating it with just a fork. There are much better ways to enjoy, yes I said enjoy, canned tuna. It is too good to pass up just because of its taste. In this review we will look into understanding canned tunas health benefits and a recipe.

General Information

Tuna from a can, what an odd staple food. But there are reasons for that, as stated its packed full of lean protein, lots of omega-3 fatty acids and its so accessible and affordable. But with that comes draw backs. Continue reading