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Brown Rice Quinoa

Recipe | Bulking with Grains

When bulking up for gains it helps to bulk up your grains.

None of us eat as much as we should or as often as we would like. Why is that? Because sometimes we are just down right tired after working, commuting and training. The last thing we want to think about is having to make a meal that will take over 10 minutes. So to build off an upcoming article I wrote for Jiu Jitsu Magazine, I cannot stress the importance of bulk cooking for the week enough. Rice is a food that everyone has sitting around their kitchen that takes around 45 minutes to make and should be added to any and all bulk cooking regiment. But why be so boring? Don’t you want to maximize your protein intake with every meal while also making your rice more creamy and flavorful? That is why adding quinoa is a no brainer. This article will Continue reading

Almond Featured

Review | Almonds

A Review of Almonds.
It is time to go nuts, pun intended.


“Go Nuts” is a good term for this little energy packed, heart-submission defending, weight-regulating nut. Almonds are everywhere, or at least they should be everywhere within your house or apartment. Not in the sense that you struggled to open a bag of them and because you have been doing so much strength and conditioning your rage tore the bag too fast and they went flying in a wonderful storm of “shit, there goes my lunch.” Almonds are packed full of healthy benefits for our training and our lives in general. Did I really just state there’s more to life than only our training?! Justify reading this review of almonds by knowing that everyone that does not have a tree nut allergy should be consuming almonds, whether you train BJJ multiple times a day, or you have no clue what BJJ is and think I am making lewd innuendos incorrectly. Within this review you will find a million dolla prize

Day 4 quinoa egg bowl

Meerkatsu’s Grappler Gourmet Week | Day 4

Killer Quinoa Protein Bowls

Meerkatsu and I bring you a true Black Belt level dish on part 4 of the series! Do you even quinoa bruh?! I sure do, because I have done the review and know all of the rewards that come from this rock star ingredient. The best part? You can add a fried egg, avocado and sriracha. Nothing is better than having an all-in-one complete meal that takes less than 5 minutes to prepare if done in advance and 20 minutes if done from scratch. Continue reading


Review | Quinoa

A review of quinoa, one of the top tier “grains” for grapplers.


Quinoa is an ancient “grain” that dates back thousands of years to the Inca who “believed it increased the stamina of their warriors.” Their view on quinoa relates directly to us as modern day warriors. Also besides it being a black belt in nutritional value it has black belt level versatility within cooking applications. Withing this review of quinoa you will find a recipe, health benefits and other fun facts. Oh and did I mention it is a super source of cheap and easy complete protein that are not egg whites and boiled chicken!? Exactly, I am sold on it too already.

 General Information

As you might have noticed I am using quotes on the word “grain” when talking about quinoa. Why is that? That is because oddly enough quinoa is in fact not a grain but it is a seed. Resulting in it being part of the same competition team as beets, spinach and Swiss chard. There are over 100 varieties of quinoa with origins in South America. The primary source being Peru. We commonly see white, red, black or tricolor quinoa being sold in stores today. So do not fret over which is better for you, just buy it and start eating it on the regular. Quinoa is a monster in the protein zone. You will find 24 g of protein per cup of uncooked quinoa. Also quinoa has a plethora of other benefits which we will dig deeper into later as you read further including heart-healthy fats. Continue reading