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Meerkatsu Presents grappler gourmet

TBT | Meerkatu’s Food Week

A year ago today this happened, one of the most exciting events in Gg history; I would like to say THANK YOU to Seymour and everyone else who showed their support in this event!

This past weekend concluded the awesome week long Food collaboration with Meerkatsu. The positive responses were staggering and has really made it all feel worth the while. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is more than just a sport, it really is a community and a lifestyle. Meerkatsu and myself have really embraced that theory and try and bring more than just on-the-mat techniques to the community. Why? Because if you do BJJ you know that it is more than just a hobby or a short term fix, it is a long term commitment and a way of life. To maintain you need to properly prepare yourself mentally and physically on a daily basis and what better way to do so than Continue reading

Meerkatsu Featured Recipe

BJJ Spotlight Recipe | Meerkatsu

Kicking off a new division of recipes inspired by BJJ athletes and figures starting with the one and only Meerkatsu!

This is the start of a new segment I have been working on with a ton of awesome people throughout the Jiu Jitsu community. I wanted to find out what everyone else’s eating on a regular basis and then share those recipes with you. I got the pleasure of working with Seymour “Meerkatsu” last Summer to develop our Meerkatsu x Grappler Gourmet’s Food Week. Where we designed a weeks worth of user friendly recipes for the BJJ lifestyle.  That event got a ton of awesome response. So now I have come up with a new segment using similar recipe cards that you all have grown familiar with but are now the favorite recipes of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes, artists and community leaders. Who better to start off with than Meerkatsu! Continue reading

Day 8 Bonus Mushroom Pasta

Meerkatsu’s Grappler Gourmet Week | Day 8 Bonus

Lemony Mushroom-plata Pasta

Meerkatsu and I bring you s bonus recipe! Since you all have so faithful followed this Grappler Gourmet Week we couldnt resist adding in another recipe to really expand your bag of tricks. Sick of having pasta with tomato sauce, cheese and meatballs? Me too. Here is a fantastic and refreshing combination that will make you rethink how often you have opted for tomato sauce. Only healthy fats, and and few ingredients really make this dish pop. Continue reading

Day 7 bean dip

Meerkatsu’s Grappler Gourmet Week | Day 7

Berimblack-bean Dip

Meerkatsu and I bring you a dip that will have your back in a pinch! Having a good dip in your cooking arsenal is almost as crucial as having a solid chili recipe. I have adopted this one from a training partner of mine and added some tweaks to it because I love it so much. You get a boat load of protein, carbs and vegetables while enjoying the bite of balsamic vinegar followed by a little spice kick. Having a quart of this in the fridge is a great way to cure your snacking urges. Continue reading

Day 6 pasta salad

Meerkatsu’s Grappler Gourmet Week | Day 6

“Chicken Noodle Soup” Pasta Salad

Meerkatsu and I bring you a play on a classic with this recipe! How many of you have grown up destroying chicken noodle soup? Better question, who loves having a big container of pasta salad in the fridge to have for a quick snack of full meal? The answer to both questions is all of you. Now you can have both! This recipe is a bit more involved but nothing crazy. Instead of traditional mayo I use yogurt to lean the dish out and I also soak the pasta with the chicken broth we made by cooking the chicken. The pasta really absorbed the flavor which results in a velvety and rich pasta salad that is also light and refreshing. Continue reading

Day 5 sauteed spinach

Meerkatsu’s Grappler Gourmet Week | Day 5

Cider Sauteed Spinach Side-dish Control

Meerkatsu and I bring you a solid side dish to bring to the table, literally! We all can cook chicken, salmon, steak and some sort of starch. But what is your vegetable side dish game like? Are you sick of boring steamed broccoli or mushy spinach? I sure as shit am. That’s why I would rather showcase the vegetables and make my protein source the after thought. This dish will change your look on spinach and with a little added soft boiled egg you can even bulk it up and have it as a salad all on its own! Continue reading

Day 4 quinoa egg bowl

Meerkatsu’s Grappler Gourmet Week | Day 4

Killer Quinoa Protein Bowls

Meerkatsu and I bring you a true Black Belt level dish on part 4 of the series! Do you even quinoa bruh?! I sure do, because I have done the review and know all of the rewards that come from this rock star ingredient. The best part? You can add a fried egg, avocado and sriracha. Nothing is better than having an all-in-one complete meal that takes less than 5 minutes to prepare if done in advance and 20 minutes if done from scratch. Continue reading

Day 3 kale salad

Meerkatsu’s Grappler Gourmet Week | Day 3

Warm(ed) up Kale Salad

Meerkatsu and I bring you part 3 of Grappler Gourmet Week! Do you eat enough green vegetables? I didnt think so. Well now this recipe is an easy way to enjoy kale, yea I said ENJOY kale! Instead of having it blended up and turned into a stringy paste, spending a million dollas on a juicer and having kale water or trying to strengthen your jaw by chewing raw kale try this. A simple, nutritious and delicious way to reap all the benefits from kale. Do you know how much your body and game can benefit from Continue reading

Day 2 egg salad

Meerkatsu’s Grappler Gourmet Week | Day 2

Energy Efficient Egg Salad

Meerkatsu and I bring you part 2 of the series! A more full bodies item that is perfect for breakfast, lunch of dinner. Utilizing good healthy fats and uber amounts of protein this recipe is a go to for me. Not only is it rediculously easy to prepare but again it can be made in advance and stored up to 3 days. That way I have a healthy meal ready for me no matter what time of day it is. Don’t know how to soft boil eggs? Check out my second post ever all about The Egg!

Best time to eat
You really cannot go wrong with having Continue reading

Day 1 roasted sweet potato

Meerkatsu’s Grappler Gourmet Week | Day 1

Honey Roasted Recovery Sweet Potato

Meerkatsu and I bring you the first recipe of the series! This one is stupid simple yet tasty. Sweet potatoes are beneficial to your diet on multiple levels. For a full length review of how much of a power house these little spuds are check out my review on sweet potatoes. You might even learn a thing or two! This recipe is super easy, and can be done well in advance and in bulk to make your life that much easier. It is nice to come home exhausted and have already roasted sweet potatoes in the fridge.

Best time to eat
The name of the recipe should Continue reading