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Boogey Featured

Interview | Richie Boogeyman Martinez

Did you hear a bump in the night? Maybe it is the boogeyman coming to turn bad jiu jitsu players into good ones, or to talk about us about his diet!

This weeks interview is with 10th Planet San Diego‘s Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez. I had the awesome experience a few weeks ago of flying out to compete at the Dream Jiu Jitsu’s Baddest Blue. One of the highlights was getting to meet Richie and his brother Geo. After watching him work with some of his students that were competing you cannot help but notice a high level of passion and pride in the sport itself and more so in his students. Seeing this I had to get Richie in for an interview because he is truly the Boogeyman of the Jiu Jitsu world, instead of scaring bad kids into being good, he teaches BJJ in a way that leaves you feeling good. Within the first minute of meeting Boogey he was asking if anyone wanted to go to Starbucks in the parking lot, I needed more information than that to give you all so here we go.

The Boogeyman cometh to ensure all of your chokes are snug and tight.

The Boogeyman cometh to ensure all of your chokes are snug and tight.

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Leon Featured

Interview | Vegan Jiu Jitsu’s Leon Jackson

You don’t need to eat meat to be the man to beat!

This weeks interview is with the 24 year old blue belt out of Ricardo Almeida BJJ in New Jersey who is also the man behind Vegan Jiu Jitsu. I had the pleasure competing against Leon back at the NY Spring Open in the no-gi finals, I lost by points as per usual, but speaking of usual occurrences…I could sit here and try and tell you all about someone but I will not be able to do them justice so take it away Leon! Continue reading


Interview | Mason Monsevais

Interview with Mason Monsevais, the previously #1 Ranked Blue Belt in the World out of Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy

Mason has been on the top of the figurative and literal podium for the past 2 years at Blue Belt. He is now tearing up the purple belt division since he was promoted by the Mendes Brothers back at the end of 2014. He is one of the up and coming young stars in the sport, If you are a teen you should be looking to him as an inspiration, if you are an adult, you should be looking out for him at competitions because you are going to have one hell of a match. I got to chit chat with Mason about how his diet plays a crucial role in his journey to the top. But enough of me jabber jawing, let’s get right into it. Continue reading


Interview | Dante Muschamp

The hardest working person on the mats, oh did I mention he’s only 14…

Dante Muschamp is a 14 year old yellow belt training out of Brooklyn. I use the term training loosely because I swear everyday I go by the gym or in the gym he is there. Whether it is coming in early to help teach the junior’s class (which he graduated out of early and moved up with the teens,) taking his own teens class, and then still kicking around and asking if he can join in for the adult classes. A week does not go by when Dante asks me if I want to roll and I am 6’4 220lbs. The kid is a machine and truly a shining example of what the love of the sport can offer. He may of not won Worlds(yet) but this kid is a rising star. In the Jiu Jitsu community titles and competition results are always what you ask about first, but what truly matters is if you are an excellent ambassador of the sport itself. Continue reading

Bernardo Featured

Interview | Bernardo Faria

Find out how to be a World Champion such as Bernardo Faria off the mats. He is a man of (deep)half-guard and whole nutrition.

Bernardo is a beast, and one of the nicest guys on the planet. How can you not be when you are sharing the mat with and working with Marcelo Garcia on a day to day basis? At only 27 he has already stacked up quiet the impressive tournament resume before and after receiving his black belt in 2009 under Ricardo Marques, a Carlson Gracie Black Belt. (He is currently the 6th ranked Black Belt in the World.) Bernardo then went on to join the Alliance in Sao Paulo under “The General” Fabio Gurgel. Bernardo now lives and teaches at Marcelo Garcia’s Academy in NYC. I am keeping Bernardo’s bio short because you should Continue reading

Felipe Featured

Interview | Felipe Costa

An Interview with the All-Natural Steroid Free, Felipe Costa!

Felipe Costa is not the physically biggest guy in the sport, but he is a giant personality wise. He is known for the plethora of seminars he does worldwide along with his video series including Felipe 30+ which covers his road to recovery after surgery in the pursuit of getting back into the competition circuit. Much like many other sponsors of Storm Kimonos,  the heart of a champion lives within Felipe. He never won a major title until he was a Black belt, under Rodrigo Comprido….wait what am I doing…

The best person to tell you about Felipe is the man himself! I cannot possibly do him justice. Take it away Felipe! Continue reading

Cover Photo copy

Interview | Brendan Hufford

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” but this is the interview you’re looking for.

Brendan Hufford is a man you have most defiantly seen or heard of within the Jiu Jitsu world. Not because he is out there playing Jedi mind tricks on the Miyao brothers at Worlds, but because he is one of the busiest damn guys within the community. He is working full time, training, running, writing for Jiu Jitsu Mag running Ok! Kimonos, and even finding thyme to do guest posts (I have a feeling this is what they call “foreshadowing.”) Needless to say the dude is busy, yet he still finds time to eat right and show up on the mats day in and day out. Being “tired” from an 8 hour shift on a Monday doesn’t sound that bad anymore now does it? Continue reading

wonder team

Interview | Tammi Musumeci

An interview with BJJ Black belt Tammi Musumeci,  half of the Anywhere-imboloing wonder team.

If you follow, train, talk or do anything jiu jitsu related, you have heard of the berimbolo by now. Lately it has been taken off the mats and into any and all locations by the Musumeci’s, a brother and sister duo. To see them going inverted by a train, in 7-11 on a beach, and many more locations not in a gym check out this article by Jiu Jitsu Times. But it did not all start there for Tammi, she has been training and competing practically her whole life and I don’t mean just competiting here and there, she has won just about every major competition from Blue belt all the way to her current rank of Black belt under Emyr Bussade , and she is only 20 years old. Makes you feel like a slouch right? But before you race off the the mats to train extra hard to feel better about yourself I had the chance to chat with Tammi about food, jiu jitsu and how she eats when dealing with an injury. Continue reading


Interview | Nelson Puentes

Interview with Owner of Bamboo Jiu Jitsu, Alliance black belt, and Foodie, the Big Panda of Inverted Gear himself, Nelson Puentes!

This week I got to finally slow myself down and put questions together for a good friend of mine, Nelson Puentes. I say that because when Nelson and I first started talking we had that Step Brothers “Did we just become  best friends? Yup!” moment over food. Primarily over Brussels Sprouts, slow cooked chili and Philly cheese steaks. It was clear that I needed to put some of our conversations into this interview or else I would miss too many gems to share with you all! So without further adieu Continue reading

Hit their immersion camp and train with the best! And Jon will cook you some Lobster!

Interview | Jon Milan

An interview with a good friend of mine, Jon Milan, the first and last person to touch your gi at Origin

Jon is not only a jack of all trades at the awesome Maine based company Origin, he is a BJJ blue belt, proud father, “farmer,” and awesome guy. This interview is very important to me because you will learn more from Jon than from a top level BJJ practitioner because he is more like you and me. We are all not super human athletes such as Buchecha, we will not all be able to eat and live like him.  I have known Jon for awhile now and it started from talking about the Origin bag into us having week long conversations about growing vegetables, raising chickens and pigs, all the way to spider guard and gi grips. Are you ready to learn more about living a lifestyle rather than following a guideline?  Are you one of the many that works and trains on a daily basis? Are you someone that cares about food in general? If you answered yes to any of those, or are just a human being then this interview is for you. Continue reading