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Product Review | ProBar BOLT Energy Chews

Looking for that extra edge before training?  Try Probar BOLT instead of guzzling down a shake just to have it sloshing around while you train.

Be nice to your tummy, and try a gummy. I am not writing nursery rhymes but rather talking about an awesome product sent to me by my sponsor Q5 Sports Nutrition, Probar BOLT energy chews. I am always being asked by fellow training partners and by my own brain, what is a good way to get an energy boost pre training without having to stomach those nauseating, jitter-inducing pre workout supplements. I first say, Q5 Launch fuel stacked with BP8 Stinger, but not everyone wants to take the leap right away. We are notoriously cheap because of all the gym fees and competition fees we have to choke up regularly. These chews are a game changer in the fact that they are easy to carry, affordable, delicious and your brain does not trick you into thinking you need to take them every day like other supplements. But why do they work? What do they taste like? How will you benefit from them? How much are they? Let me answer those for you. Continue reading


Guide | Bulletproof Coffee

Want to improve your defense? Make yourself Bulletproof with this guide to Bulletproof Coffee.

How do you kick start your day? Loading up on oatmeal, cereal and/or eggs? What is your coffee situation like? These are key factors when it comes to maximizing your day and having Gianni Grippo pre-competition-match-levels of energy rather than feeling like you are constantly playing from behind and being smothered by drowsiness. With bulletproof coffee you might think it is like believing in snake oil, but there are actually benefits to the concept behind it. It is not advanced math, but it is as simple as Coffee + butter + oil = Energy + weight loss + focus. Now the situation gets tricky when trying to find the right coffee, correct butter and deciding on the oil. That is exactly what we will look into in this guide to bulletproof coffee. Along with how to make it as Continue reading