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The eBook is now AVAILABLE!

After a long journey the Recipe and Tutorial eBook is finally available! Order yours below!

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Guide | How to Get SPONSORED

Do you want to be sponsored or  become a better sponsored grappler? Here is the answer to your questions.

Do you want to train, compete and travel for free? What about be decked out in your favorite gear or fueled by your favorite supplements all for free? You deserve that right? I know, you are amazing. You are winning a ton of competitions, posting radical pictures on Social media of you with the biggest names in the sport, or have 100k followers on twitter who are sitting by waiting for your daily tweet so they can retweet it to their minions…oh wait…you don’t have all of that?¬†Well guess what, lucky for you, all of that means nothing Continue reading

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Guide | Free eBook

Going gourmet as a grappler, for free!

This weeks “guide” is in the form of how to improve your every day life by signing up for the mailing list to get your FREE copy of my mini eBook, Eat well, Train hard. Your Inner Campfire.It is a guide on how your body utilizes the food you put in it. It is not a diet plan but more so food for thought or one might say, something to chew on. It is only fitting that you understand food before digging in with the Grappler Gourmet Cookbook which is in the works as we speak. It will be out in the near future. My friend and training partner and myself have been putting in extra time to make it exactly what you deserve, something special. Continue reading