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Guide | DIY Dried Fruits

Guide | DIY Dried Fruits

A how-to guide to making your own dried fruit, its different than hang drying your gi.


This time of year, unless you are in the lucky states that only have two seasons, marks the start of delicious fruit, berry and vegetable seasons. With these seasons upon us we must be prepared to really capitalize on getting the most out of it. I don’t mean just in the moment either, think of setting up submissions, do you really expect the first one you try will work? No, you use it to set up the next move, worse case scenario, you get the benefits right away but I like to always be thinking 10 steps ahead. Thus getting ready for all these fresh produce, I am planning on enjoying them year round by making my own dried fruits, berries and vegetables. You can also join me for the ride with this how to guide on dried fruit.

Why make your own dried fruit?

The art of drying fruit is a fantastic practice that has been around for longer than most of the things around you currently besides water and air.

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