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Smoothie Featured

Recipe | Road to Recovery Smoothie

Smash pass soreness straight to flavor control.

Building on last weeks article all about Battling Post-Competition Soreness with Food and an upcoming Jiu Jitsu Magazine article I wanted to come up with a recipe that is “one-stop shopping” recovery elixir. Spring is in the air here in Brooklyn and the weather is heating up, making it prime time for those big ole frosty frozen drinks. Smoothies are found everywhere these days and they can be a curse and a gift. Some of them are down right delicious but what you might not know is they are packed with more sugar and fat than is needed and are really doing your waistline more harm than good. But do you know the best part about smoothies besides the taste? They are ridiculously easy to make yourself and just like your jiu jitsu came you can tailor them to your needs. Even if you lack the ability to boil water successfully your culinary skills are still good enough to make a smoothie…hell you just put everything in a blender and press a button. If this is beyond you I do not know how you have survived this long. Enough ranting, it is time to toss all of the facts out there and turn this nutritional enlightening blender on high and travel down the Road to Recovery, smoothie in hand. Continue reading

Featured Soreness

Battling Post-Competition Soreness with Food

Win your match against soreness via this Food Triangle from Diet La Reliefa.

My word play is almost as painful as the soreness in the days following a hard week of training topped off with a brutal competition. I am currently experiencing this pain myself. The trouble is, not only does it suck to have your forearms shot in daily life, it sucks because there is nothing you want to do more after competing than to get back on the mats and work on your mistakes. It can be very frustrating to be on the mats, sore as shit and now you are faced with feeling worse about your performance because you cannot give it your all to fix the errors. But instead of sitting there and complaining there is a simple and delicious way to fight off the weak grips, stiff neck and tin-man like flexibility. Notice how I said delicious? That should be a clear sign that I am not talking about just taking a fist full of ibuprofen or NSAID. But rather embracing the natural pain killers and recovery elixirs Mother Nature has created for us in this list of foods. Battling Post-Competition Soreness with Food is a great way to get back in the saddle and ride your way to recovery, repair and pain relief. Let’s S-roll through this article, my grips are shot but my brain is not. Continue reading

featured tea

Why You Should Be Drinking Green Tea

Are you down with the Green? And I don’t mean Prop 19.

Are you sick of water or how about sick of trying to make big hard weight cuts? Well there is one simple solution that could help cure those ailments commonly found within the sport of Jiu Jitsu, Green Tea. Green tea has been proved time and time again to be one of the best damn beverages on the planet for athletes. The amount of benefits packed within the steady consumption of green tea are ridiculous and often overlooked because hey, its just tea right? Green tea should be a staple in every grapplers diet. If you are only consuming it at your post IBJJF competition all-you-can-stuff-in-your-face sushi celebrations, you wont be gaining much, but if you regularly have a glass, you can increase your chances of being at said celebration with a gold medal around your neck or least of all, feeling a lot healthier and happier. But do allow me to Continue reading


Interview | Mason Monsevais

Interview with Mason Monsevais, the previously #1 Ranked Blue Belt in the World out of Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy

Mason has been on the top of the figurative and literal podium for the past 2 years at Blue Belt. He is now tearing up the purple belt division since he was promoted by the Mendes Brothers back at the end of 2014. He is one of the up and coming young stars in the sport, If you are a teen you should be looking to him as an inspiration, if you are an adult, you should be looking out for him at competitions because you are going to have one hell of a match. I got to chit chat with Mason about how his diet plays a crucial role in his journey to the top. But enough of me jabber jawing, let’s get right into it. Continue reading

GrapplerGourmet-Featured Sponsorship

Guide | How to Get SPONSORED

Do you want to be sponsored or  become a better sponsored grappler? Here is the answer to your questions.

Do you want to train, compete and travel for free? What about be decked out in your favorite gear or fueled by your favorite supplements all for free? You deserve that right? I know, you are amazing. You are winning a ton of competitions, posting radical pictures on Social media of you with the biggest names in the sport, or have 100k followers on twitter who are sitting by waiting for your daily tweet so they can retweet it to their minions…oh wait…you don’t have all of that? Well guess what, lucky for you, all of that means nothing Continue reading

featured copy

Product Review | ProBar BOLT Energy Chews

Looking for that extra edge before training?  Try Probar BOLT instead of guzzling down a shake just to have it sloshing around while you train.

Be nice to your tummy, and try a gummy. I am not writing nursery rhymes but rather talking about an awesome product sent to me by my sponsor Q5 Sports Nutrition, Probar BOLT energy chews. I am always being asked by fellow training partners and by my own brain, what is a good way to get an energy boost pre training without having to stomach those nauseating, jitter-inducing pre workout supplements. I first say, Q5 Launch fuel stacked with BP8 Stinger, but not everyone wants to take the leap right away. We are notoriously cheap because of all the gym fees and competition fees we have to choke up regularly. These chews are a game changer in the fact that they are easy to carry, affordable, delicious and your brain does not trick you into thinking you need to take them every day like other supplements. But why do they work? What do they taste like? How will you benefit from them? How much are they? Let me answer those for you. Continue reading


Guide | Types of Oranges

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

Orange belts are for karate, eating oranges is for BJJ.

Ever go to the grocery store and find yourself confused when all you simply need to do is buy some oranges? That is because you think you are in the right spot because “hey, these look like oranges but why are they called something else?” Well that is because there are multiple different varieties of oranges on the market at any given time. Grappler Gourmet is an equal opportunity reviewer but not all oranges should be treated equally. In this weeks review I will be providing a crash course on the different types of oranges, how to tell them apart, and what they are best used for so that way when you find yourself in the citrus section at the store tomorrow you will be walking around like you just got your blue belt. I hope you enjoy this week’s guide to oranges! Continue reading


Interview | Dante Muschamp

The hardest working person on the mats, oh did I mention he’s only 14…

Dante Muschamp is a 14 year old yellow belt training out of Brooklyn. I use the term training loosely because I swear everyday I go by the gym or in the gym he is there. Whether it is coming in early to help teach the junior’s class (which he graduated out of early and moved up with the teens,) taking his own teens class, and then still kicking around and asking if he can join in for the adult classes. A week does not go by when Dante asks me if I want to roll and I am 6’4 220lbs. The kid is a machine and truly a shining example of what the love of the sport can offer. He may of not won Worlds(yet) but this kid is a rising star. In the Jiu Jitsu community titles and competition results are always what you ask about first, but what truly matters is if you are an excellent ambassador of the sport itself. Continue reading

Featured Part 2

Product Review | Purps Part II

Purps Hydro & Vita Powder, a product for every PURPose.

This is a continuation of last weeks post introducing you to Purps along with a review of two of their four products. This week I am hitting the remaining two products so you will be a well rounded Purps belt. If work was hectic, you competed over the weekend or you’ve been hit in the head too many times and do not remember the bulk of the information from last week lets go through a refresher course. Continue reading


Product Review | Purps Part I

Purple belt on the outside, black belt on the inside, upgrade your go-to drink.

What are you drinking on a daily basis, water, fruit juice, and sports drinks? Are you getting the most nutrients you can from those beverage choices? Granted water is the liquid of life and should never be replaced, but what about those other thirst quenchers. What would you say to a beverage that is down right delicious, all organic and absolutely great for you that you have never heard of? Well the Mendes Brothers preach about the stuff, I’ve got your attention now don’t I? Well Continue reading