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Meerkatsu Presents grappler gourmet

TBT | Meerkatu’s Food Week

A year ago today this happened, one of the most exciting events in Gg history; I would like to say THANK YOU to Seymour and everyone else who showed their support in this event!

This past weekend concluded the awesome week long Food collaboration with Meerkatsu. The positive responses were staggering and has really made it all feel worth the while. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is more than just a sport, it really is a community and a lifestyle. Meerkatsu and myself have really embraced that theory and try and bring more than just on-the-mat techniques to the community. Why? Because if you do BJJ you know that it is more than just a hobby or a short term fix, it is a long term commitment and a way of life. To maintain you need to properly prepare yourself mentally and physically on a daily basis and what better way to do so than Continue reading

Protein Puppy Chow

Recipe | Protein Chex Cruci-Mix

Pack it on by snackin’ on the healthy reincarnation of “Puppy Chow,” the Protein Chex Cruci-Mix!

Snacking is a common issue found within all of our lives, so how do we beat it? Dealing with the urges to snack or graze throughout the day is like training with your instructor, you might think you have them beat, but in reality they are just waiting for you to slip up. So we must use our well-honed and creative Jiu Jitsu minds and think outside of the box on how to truly counter the urges of snacking. I am one of those annoying guys who is always attacking from inferior positions.  So by applying that mindset to the question of “How can I beat the urges of unhealthy snacking without eating boring foods that do not actually cure the hunger and in turn I end up eating an entire bag of almonds which is way too many.” I have concluded that Continue reading

featured tea

Why You Should Be Drinking Green Tea

Are you down with the Green? And I don’t mean Prop 19.

Are you sick of water or how about sick of trying to make big hard weight cuts? Well there is one simple solution that could help cure those ailments commonly found within the sport of Jiu Jitsu, Green Tea. Green tea has been proved time and time again to be one of the best damn beverages on the planet for athletes. The amount of benefits packed within the steady consumption of green tea are ridiculous and often overlooked because hey, its just tea right? Green tea should be a staple in every grapplers diet. If you are only consuming it at your post IBJJF competition all-you-can-stuff-in-your-face sushi celebrations, you wont be gaining much, but if you regularly have a glass, you can increase your chances of being at said celebration with a gold medal around your neck or least of all, feeling a lot healthier and happier. But do allow me to Continue reading


Interview | Mason Monsevais

Interview with Mason Monsevais, the previously #1 Ranked Blue Belt in the World out of Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy

Mason has been on the top of the figurative and literal podium for the past 2 years at Blue Belt. He is now tearing up the purple belt division since he was promoted by the Mendes Brothers back at the end of 2014. He is one of the up and coming young stars in the sport, If you are a teen you should be looking to him as an inspiration, if you are an adult, you should be looking out for him at competitions because you are going to have one hell of a match. I got to chit chat with Mason about how his diet plays a crucial role in his journey to the top. But enough of me jabber jawing, let’s get right into it. Continue reading


Interview | Dante Muschamp

The hardest working person on the mats, oh did I mention he’s only 14…

Dante Muschamp is a 14 year old yellow belt training out of Brooklyn. I use the term training loosely because I swear everyday I go by the gym or in the gym he is there. Whether it is coming in early to help teach the junior’s class (which he graduated out of early and moved up with the teens,) taking his own teens class, and then still kicking around and asking if he can join in for the adult classes. A week does not go by when Dante asks me if I want to roll and I am 6’4 220lbs. The kid is a machine and truly a shining example of what the love of the sport can offer. He may of not won Worlds(yet) but this kid is a rising star. In the Jiu Jitsu community titles and competition results are always what you ask about first, but what truly matters is if you are an excellent ambassador of the sport itself. Continue reading

Featured Part 2

Product Review | Purps Part II

Purps Hydro & Vita Powder, a product for every PURPose.

This is a continuation of last weeks post introducing you to Purps along with a review of two of their four products. This week I am hitting the remaining two products so you will be a well rounded Purps belt. If work was hectic, you competed over the weekend or you’ve been hit in the head too many times and do not remember the bulk of the information from last week lets go through a refresher course. Continue reading


Guide | Bulletproof Coffee

Want to improve your defense? Make yourself Bulletproof with this guide to Bulletproof Coffee.

How do you kick start your day? Loading up on oatmeal, cereal and/or eggs? What is your coffee situation like? These are key factors when it comes to maximizing your day and having Gianni Grippo pre-competition-match-levels of energy rather than feeling like you are constantly playing from behind and being smothered by drowsiness. With bulletproof coffee you might think it is like believing in snake oil, but there are actually benefits to the concept behind it. It is not advanced math, but it is as simple as Coffee + butter + oil = Energy + weight loss + focus. Now the situation gets tricky when trying to find the right coffee, correct butter and deciding on the oil. That is exactly what we will look into in this guide to bulletproof coffee. Along with how to make it as Continue reading

Bullet proof

Viewer Response | Are you Bulletproof?

Do you like new techniques or are you still doing the first submission you ever learned? Or in this case, still drinking Folgers…

This week I want to ask YOU for your responses to help build next weeks article. I will be breaking down the craze that is sweeping across the mats, Bulletproof coffee. If you have not heard of it yet, let me know that below! If you are drinking that delicious concoction every morning and shouting from a mountain top (your office desk) about how much you love it, let me know below.  The questions are pretty simple, you only need to answer the first one, but if you have drank it, I know you will have a response to the second two questions. Love it or hate it, let your voice be heard below. Until then, drink well, train hard. Oss Continue reading

Bernardo Featured

Interview | Bernardo Faria

Find out how to be a World Champion such as Bernardo Faria off the mats. He is a man of (deep)half-guard and whole nutrition.

Bernardo is a beast, and one of the nicest guys on the planet. How can you not be when you are sharing the mat with and working with Marcelo Garcia on a day to day basis? At only 27 he has already stacked up quiet the impressive tournament resume before and after receiving his black belt in 2009 under Ricardo Marques, a Carlson Gracie Black Belt. (He is currently the 6th ranked Black Belt in the World.) Bernardo then went on to join the Alliance in Sao Paulo under “The General” Fabio Gurgel. Bernardo now lives and teaches at Marcelo Garcia’s Academy in NYC. I am keeping Bernardo’s bio short because you should Continue reading

Featured Holidays

Special Edition | BJJ Holiday Recipe

Balls of protein with a candy cane, all you wanted for Christmas right?

With the holidays putting pressure on out wallets and more importantly, our diets, we need to get creative. Does this mean you cannot eat sweets and enjoy all of the festive flavors you’ve grown up to love and throw your diets to the side? Absolutely not. We can still hit those key ingredients and flavors while using a little grappler gourmet ingenuity! What do we have laying around the house at all times and some of us practically live off? Protein powder. What’s delicious this time of year? Chocolate and candy canes. So I was thinking why not create a protein packed snack alternative that will cure those urges and stack on muscle rather than soft bellies? Boom, the answer to all of your prayers. (no it’s not a free collection of every shoyoroll gi ever made.) Continue reading