Special Edition | BJJ Holiday Recipe

Special Edition | BJJ Holiday Recipe

Balls of protein with a candy cane, all you wanted for Christmas right?

With the holidays putting pressure on out wallets and more importantly, our diets, we need to get creative. Does this mean you cannot eat sweets and enjoy all of the festive flavors you’ve grown up to love and throw your diets to the side? Absolutely not. We can still hit those key ingredients and flavors while using a little grappler gourmet ingenuity! What do we have laying around the house at all times and some of us practically live off? Protein powder. What’s delicious this time of year? Chocolate and candy canes. So I was thinking why not create a protein packed snack alternative that will cure those urges and stack on muscle rather than soft bellies? Boom, the answer to all of your prayers. (no it’s not a free collection of every shoyoroll gi ever made.) When you make this recipe it fits right into the 5 best Bjj supplements, cooking with protein¬†and as you know from reading those article you can use GOURMET10 at Q5 for 10% OFF your order (hint hint they have amazing chocolate whey.)


Protein Candy Balls copy

With the holidays I will always day it’s just one day, treat it as a cheat day and enjoy friends, family and food. Most of us are not training because of gyms being closed so all we can focus on is our waistlines. By keeping up with the diet parameters and limiting the amount of sugar used within this recipe we are not straying from the course. Just enjoying all the fucking tasty flavors of the holidays and losing nothing for it. If anything we are gaining! If you are looking to snag some goodies with all of that holiday loot swing over to Inverted Gear and use grapplergourmet for 10% OFF. So eat well, be merry. OSS

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