We are proudly featured in Jiu Jitsu Magazine, GroundWorkBJJ and select other publications and at the majority of major competitions stateside.  Grappler Gourmet is proud to say we are sponsored by some of the most amazing companies out there. When dealing with sponsorship the biggest factor is how we get along and with that being said, we have some of the best damn sponsors on the planet! So do the smart thing and go check them out or else no dinner for you!

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Do you want to Stay Alpha, become to top dog or just stop having achy joints? Well then Q5 is right up you alley. Bill has develop countless products with BJJ and combat athletes in mind. Let me tell you, I have never felt better. Use GOURMET10 to save 10% at Q5 and become the top dog!



Roll like a panda, but do not eat like one. Owner and black belt Nelson has develop some of the most comfortable and stylish products on the market with Inverted Gear. The best part? Nelson is a huge foodie that I spend a lot of time talking pork and chili with. The Gi’s are top notch and if you are in the market, or even if you are not you should head over to Inverted Gear now and get your panda on!

For more information on my sponsors or for inquiries please Contact me using the form or at
. Remember to eat well, train hard. OSS!

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