My Mission

My Mission

is to supply Brazilian jiu jitsu diet and nutrition guides paired with cooking tutorials for healthy living. The goal is to provide easy, fool proof instructional material on how to improve your day to day eating habits to maximize your output at the gym. This is not a diet plan but more so tips and tricks on how to improve your lifestyle or hell, even impress your friends and family by showing off some cooking skills.

To support these techniques I will also be frequently “reviewing” foods. To the extent of seasonality, their benefits to training, best times to eat them, ways to prepare/cook, and menu ideas with supporting recipes.

I have also been horribly curious of what others eat. Not just a dinner they had but a breakdown of their daily diets. I aim to sit down with a range of people from world class BJJ practitioners, industry business owners, influential figures within the sport, all the way to some daily training partners of mine. This topic is one that fascinates me and I look forward to the most, along with saving at least one person from having to eat a dozen hard boiled eggs and a can of tuna fish every meal.

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